Bayport offers financial tips, education and so much more

Published Mar 5, 2020


Self-confessed shopaholic Busisiwe Mthimkhulu amassed a lot of debt at banks and retailers. Thankfully, she found out about Bayport, and they managed to help her with debt management, financial planning tips and financial education.

The financial services provided by Bayport, South Africa’s third-largest unsecured lender, is playing a huge role in assisting those South Africans who form part of the ‘missing middle’. 

Due to a lack of security, they are usually refused loans from traditional financial institutions. Bayport steps in by not only enabling them to secure finance, but also plays a critical role in their financial education.

#SAINC met Busisiwe, who describes the dire financial situation she found herself in after amassing a lot of debt at various banks and retailers.

Bayport’s debt consolidation loan service assisted her in consolidating all her loans and she is relieved at being in control of her financial situation once more.

Being a responsible credit provider, Bayport is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Not only do they help consumers with debt management, but they also provide them with financial planning tips, financial education, and product education. 

Through their trusted financial services, Bayport believes that they are contributing to the well-being of their clients, as well as helping them to build a bright future.

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