DBSA helps create environments where learners can excel at their studies

Published Mar 5, 2020


Historically, schools in the rural and poorer areas of South Africa have had huge challenges in terms of quality and integrated infrastructure. 

Overcrowded classrooms with no desks or cupboards, leaking roofs, poor sanitation facilities and compromised structural integrity severely affected the learners’ ability to focus on their studies.  

In response to this, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), a government implementing institution, has been instrumental in partnering with the Department of Education in improving the facilities at these schools.

With funding provided by the Department of Education, the DBSA provides end-to-end project management expertise to ensure that professional teams are brought in to scope, renovate, refurbish and build high quality structures.

#SAINC visited the Phalalong Primary School in Limpopo, where the old, community-built school has been entirely reconstructed.

As a solution to the lack of water at the site, the DBSA implemented from start to finish the construction of Enviroloo toilets, thereby eradicating the need for dangerous pit toilets. 

In addition, members of the community are frequently upskilled and employed on the construction projects, thereby providing localized economic and social development opportunities.

By implementing intergrated infrastructure solutions, such at buildings, refurbishments, equipment and proper water and sanitation services, the DBSA not only provides learners with the opportunity to achieve their dreams and excel at their studies, but also improves the lives of  the communities as a whole.

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