For Oceana, fishing helps secure the future of vulnerable communities

Published Feb 20, 2020


Finding a way to save thousands of jobs, save water on the fragile West Coast and teach young people the skills to forge a career path is no easy task.

Through their community empowerment and training initiatives,Oceana, the home of Lucky Star, is saving existing jobs, creating new opportunities and conserving the environment.

The largest fishing company in Africa, Oceana distributes their products to over 46 countries globally. 

It is their philosophy to not only add value to their investors, but also to make a positive impact in the communities in which they operate.

By investing in a desalination plant at their factory in St Helena Bay, and ensuring that their internationally caught fish stock gets processed at the factory, they have secured jobs and increased the output of the factory.

Communities are also reaping benefits through the Oceana Empowerment Trust which represents about 2 500 black beneficiaries. 

#SAINC met Buzelwa Mqeni, who says with the early payout she received, she was able to purchase a house, and move out of the shack she shared with her husband and two children.

Lastly, through its South Africanisation programme, Oceana focuses on transferring skills to unemployed youth by training them on the Desert Diamond – the country’s biggest fishing vessel. 

Through all these initiatives Oceana is not only expanding their growth in the global fishing arena, but is also playing a significant role in South African society.

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