SAB Foundation cultivates entrepreneurs who make an impact on society

Published Feb 27, 2020


Entrepreneurs Nthato Moagi and Bathabile Mpofu both wanted to start businesses which would have a positive impact on society, but didn't have the capital to do so.

The SAB Foundation provided them with the necessary funds, as well as the business support and mentorship, to make their visions a reality.

Nthato, of CRSP DSGN, teaches robotics and coding to children from low income schools, in order to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution. 

Bathabile, of Nkazimulo Applied Sciences, provides portable science kits to schools where there are no science labs, thereby enabling kids to do experiments.

Many entrepreneurs in South Africa come from backgrounds where they have no access to capital. 

In answer to this, the SAB Foundation was set up with the very specific mandate of benefitting entrepreneurs in South Africa, specifically those who provide solutions to social problems.

The promotion of entrepreneurship in South Africa has a very positive effect not only on the economy, but also on job creation.

The Foundation sees the support of entrepreneurship as not only having significant potential for scale and replication, but also as an incredible opportunity to make a long-term difference.

From supporting rural bakers and food gardens, to a recruitment agency for deaf people, the Foundation has been instrumental in the creation of over 3 300 jobs.

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