TFG’s supply chain changes lives

Published Jan 17, 2020


A big part of TFG’s success lies in the fact that they control their own supply chain and manufacture through their own factories. Because of this they are able to compete with the best clothing manufacturers in the world.

TFG is a specialty retailer that trades through various brands, and they stay ahead by continually investing in all areas of their business.

Specifically, they invest in their people from a training and employment point of view. They have done so by spending almost R600 million on education-related activities over the past five years, training about 220 000 people per year. As a result, they also employ thousands of people every year, not only in their head office, but also in their stores, thereby actively targeting South Africa’s high youth unemployment rates.

#SAINC visited Mhinga Village in rural Limpopo where impoverished youth have successfully completed a training programme, and are now employed in TFG stores. This has helped the whole community because in one household there are about six people who are dependent on this income. Through the management of their own supply chain, TFG are changing lives, and growing South Africa in the process.

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