On the grind: 5 easy ways you can make money these holidays

Make some extra money this holiday season, for example, by starting a gift wrapping business. Photo: Pexels

Make some extra money this holiday season, for example, by starting a gift wrapping business. Photo: Pexels

Published Dec 25, 2023


The holiday season is fast approaching. This busy time of the year is known for family time, travelling, loads of delicious food and more.

It can also bring various new ways to make some extra money. Here are five side hustles you can try:

Gift wrap

Families will be swopping gifts to show each other appreciation this festive season. With stores stocked with Christmas decorations, you can get in on the holiday fun with this side hustle.

A gift, no matter how small, is of great significance. So, how it’s wrapped matters as well. There are easy-to-follow gift-wrapping tutorials you can watch on YouTube.

Once you’re ready, you can advertise your services. You can charge depending on the size and make of the shape.

Create digital Christmas cards

While not as popular, Christmas cards are still a great way to spread joy. If design is your thing or if you are a fast learner, you can get online and start creating!

You can use websites such as Canva to create incredible designs. Your prices can be determined by the amount of work required for each card.

Become a personal shopper

South Africans will spend billions shopping this festive season.

Depending on how far you would have to drive, how many items you would need to purchase, and how much time you would need to spend shopping, you could tailor the price of your services to each client.

Create personalised presents

A personalised present is, above all, original and one-of-a-kind. Adding a favourite saying, meaningful words, important dates, initial names, and other special touches are examples of unique features.

Numerous events, including birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, need providing gifts. A gift is usually a thoughtful gesture between caring individuals. However, they are frequently generic, mass-produced, and without any unique characteristics.

Giving your customers gifts that were specifically designed for them can help you create unforgettable memories.

Become an e-hailing driver

Holidays are a busy time for e-hailing drivers. E-hailing is the process of ordering a car, taxi or motorcycle pick-up via computer or mobile device.

If you have a car, this could be a great way for you to make extra money. There are various e-hailing services companies you can sign up with.

Each company has different ways of screening potential drivers, so you might have to wait for a response.