Steenberg Community Policing Forum baffled by spate of killings in the area

Steenberg police station

Steenberg police station

Published Jun 24, 2024


Cape Town - The Steenberg Community Policing Forum (CPF) said it was confused by a spate of killings in the precinct.

This comes after two people were killed at the weekend, on the back of other shootings and stabbings last week.

CPF chairperson Gavin Walbrugh said they didn’t believe the murders were gang related.

“I don’t know if the most recent was gang related, the shooting happened on Friday night in Cafda in addition to a shooting on Thursday night, and there was a stabbing on Wednesday morning on the M5. We are not sure if it was gang related.

“We don’t know who is shooting who. We are taken aback by all of this.

“We made our own investigation and gangsters said they have no issues with anyone.

“And that is a big worry because we don’t know what we are dealing with.

“We don’t have any reason to suspect it’s the guys from Lavender Hill who went to Cafda to shoot anyone.”

Walbrugh said the area has not had major incidents for a few weeks.

“The gangsters made peace and in the last few weeks it was calm.

“Our area is nothing compared to what is happening in Ottery.

“The other concern is that we don’t know who the victims are, yet.

“I tried to find out about the victims and people were tight-lipped.

“I encourage community members to come forward with information and not just to make noise. When it’s time to talk they keep quiet. It is not normal for people to be killed,” Walbrugh said.

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie said: “Steenberg SAPS opened a double murder docket for further investigation following a shooting incident in Schoeman Street, Cafda, Retreat, at about 11.30pm on Friday. Members responded to the crime scene and discovered the bodies of two men, aged 31 and 20, who had succumbed to multiple gunshots to the face and upper bodies.”

“The motive seems to be gang related. Preliminary information reveals that the deceased were walking towards Gordon Searle Street when unknown suspects in an unknown car opened fire on them and killed them. No arrests have been made yet.”

Police appeal to anyone with information to call Crime Stop at 08600 10111.