King’s spokesperson says there is a plot to get him removed

Royal family spokesperson Prince Africa and King Misuzulu during one of the events. Picture: Supplied

Royal family spokesperson Prince Africa and King Misuzulu during one of the events. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 14, 2023


Durban — King Misuzulu’s spokesperson, his Royal Highness Prince Africa Zulu, dismissed a report on social media that he was fired on Monday.

Zulu claimed there was a plot to get him removed as the king’s spokesperson by the people who wanted to capture the king.

Zulu of Onkweni Royal Palace was reacting to the fake media statement that was issued under his name, which he says he did not know where it came from.

Speaking to the Daily News on Monday, Zulu said he was shocked when he was called by people asking about the statement. The statement, which was purportedly issued on Friday, dismissing rumours of Zulu’s dismissal as the spokesperson.

In terms of the statement, which the Daily News has read, Prince Zulu was “setting the record straight and denying he was fired”, but he said he has never issued any statement.

Zulu said his preliminary investigation revealed that the statement was issued by the people who see him as a stumbling block to use the king to enrich themselves since he took over as both the Royal Agent and head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations.

Zulu said, in terms of his work as the Royal Agent, he is responsible for advising the king on investment opportunities.He said he had received information that these people had gone to the king and bad mouthed him, telling the king lies that he said he would mess things up to destroy the kingship.

“I know the agenda of these people. They lied about me to the king to make me look like someone who is here to destroy him or make money out of him. People forget that I am not here for any gain, and I am not being paid for being a spokesperson. I volunteer my services because I love my nation and my king. The king appointed me because there was no one defending him from people who were attacking him on several online platforms. I wish to inform the nation that I am still the spokesperson of the king and the royal family as I was appointed by His Majesty,” said Zulu.

The fake statement that issued under the spokesperson’s name.

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