Local wrestler to compete in iconic WrestleMonster 6

Joshua Jesse Chetty with WAWSA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling

Joshua Jesse Chetty with WAWSA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling

Published Jan 22, 2024


Durban — A local wrestler is set to battle in one of Africa’s biggest wrestling events, WrestleMonster, later this year in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Joshua Jesse Chetty, also known as “Joshua The Bull”, fights under the World Association of Wrestling South Africa (WAWSA). Chetty said he will head into this event filled with confidence following his triumph at the Arnold Classic Africa last year.

Chetty said: “During this tournament, I fought in five matches across two days to win the tournament and be crowned champion. This has really boosted my confidence since I went up against the best of the best in this country and I am ready for whatever is out there. This is an international event, so we are representing the whole country.”

Chetty added that this year’s WrestleMonster 6 will have a special theme – South Africa versus the UK – due to a recent feud between a wrestler from his organisation and an international wrestler.

Joshua Jesse Chetty with WAWSA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Wrestling. Supplied

“It has already been announced that TJ Tremor, our current WAWSA All African Champion, will be representing South Africa v PJ Knight (representing the UK). These two had a hectic feud when TJ Tremor was in the UK on a three-month tour,” Chetty said.

Chetty said he grew up as a wrestling fan, having watched World Wrestling Entertainment/Federation (WWE/WWF). He said his style is a combination of Goldberg, The Undertaker and The Rock since he used to look up to them.

It was announced that the X-Terminator, the current WAWSA World Heavyweight Champion; Mr Wrestling, the former WAWSA All African Champion; The LoudMouth, current WAWSA All African Champion; TJ Tremor; and current Arnold Classic Africa Champion Joshua “The Bull” will represent the country at WrestleMonster 6. More wrestlers will be announced closer to the time.

CEO of WAWSA Mark Beale heaped praise on “The Bull” saying: “Chetty is one of the gentlemen of the ring. He works hard on his body and physique, and he has been very loyal. He has helped push/promote wrestling in South Africa and helped establish the company in Durban, which has been going for over 30 years now.”

Speaking on WrestleMonster, Beale said they are trying to build up an African version of WWE’s Wrestlemania and he said that with the exception of last year due to rain, they have had historical success as they have managed to attract between 25 000 and 30 000 spectators. Beale added that Chetty’s loyalty was shown when South Africa took on the UK.

WrestleMonster 6 is set to take place on March 29 at the Splash Festival in Nelson Mandela Bay.

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