#MiguelLouw: What can teachers do?

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Published Sep 4, 2018


Durban - The National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa, a union representing teachers, has reminded school teachers of the role they can play in educating children of the dangers that lurk in every corner. 

The union NAPTOSA KZN, in a statement, said it was saddened by the discovery of the decomposed body of a child in school uniform in Phoenix on Monday. Rippon Primary School pupil Miguel Louw went missing in July and the body is suspected of being his. Police have not confirmed it. 

Thirona Moodley, a NAPTOSA spokesperson, urged educators to use the Life Orientation lessons to teach children to protect themselves. 

"We can include the basics in our lessons for instance call 10111 for help. Teach the child at an early age, their name, address and parents' contact details. Explain to them to go home straight after school. They should scream if they are accosted by a stranger, and other safety precautions. Teachers should make our children aware of what child abduction is, in a non-threatening way," explained Moodley. 

She said NAPTOSA will be communicating with school teachers on ways to include this in the curriculum. 

Moodley said teachers are in-loco parent's. 

"We must take on the responsibility to protect our children. The only way is in the classroom, when we have their attention. Teachers have a role to play in preventing or minimizing, the abduction of children. We must also teach survival skills," Moodley said. 

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