uMkhonto weSizwe slams official for ‘embarrassing’ the party

Former president Jacob Zuma with members of uMkhonto we Sizwe: Picture: Kamogelo Moichela

Former president Jacob Zuma with members of uMkhonto we Sizwe: Picture: Kamogelo Moichela

Published Jan 12, 2024


Durban — New party uMkhonto we Sizwe has distanced itself from comments attributed to the “self-proclaimed national secretary” which were made in an interview on Ukhozi FM on Wednesday evening.

The interview between Thanduxolo Dyolo and presenter Tu Mhlaba caused a stir among the listeners who were left disappointed by the MK's leader who said the leadership of the party has not yet withdrawn from the ANC.

He also shocked listeners by revealing that the party does have enough funds to book a stadium its launch which is expected to take place this month.

The statement issued by the MK party declared that his act has created confusion and harm to the party’s reputation. The party said this was caused by a “fake member” who does not know where his allegiance and loyalties are.

“He is an ANC member in good standing, yet was arbitrarily appointed as interim secretary-general. We distance ourselves from Dyobo's confused state of mind and we humbly request that he never again be allowed to speak on behalf of uMkhonto we Sizwe with any media outlet irrespective of its size,” MK party said.

The statement also indicated that the party has been receiving calls and messages from very furious members who are demanding to know who appointed Dyobo, and whether his competence and capacity were observed when he was given his administrative duty.

“We are aware that President Zuma is still a member of the ANC, however, we fully understand why as it pertains to him but all other unelected interim leaders cannot be ANC members if indeed we are building an independent party and not a wing of the ANC,” said the statement.

MK members were also urged to improve competency so that misrepresentations could be prevented in the future.

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