Struggles can often be blessings in disguise

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 23, 2024



Despite significant progress in science, medicine and technology in recent years, the problems in modern society have continued to grow.

Although life’s journey is filled with uncertainties, we seek out dreams and destinations to find meaning and purpose. Yet, unexpected struggles may arise along this route that could impede our journey.

We often find that what we perceive as unexpected struggles or bitter trials along this route that impede our journey are blessings in disguise. Despite being overlooked or even feared, struggles are designed to engineer success and provide us with the seeds of greatness.

To realise our potential, it is important to confront challenges instead of resisting them, as explained in this article. In doing so, we cultivate the resilience needed to unlock the doors to ultimate success.

Living in an ever-shifting world, struggles can arise due to mental health issues, traumatic events, unhealthy relationships, financial or work challenges, and so on.

What may be the cause of revisiting your past suffering and feeling miserable now? Perhaps you have encountered the human version of a migraine? Somehow, we become entangled in a web of questions that includes: Why me? What if? Could, Would or Should I have done things differently that were traumatic and emotionally regrettable?

We often assume and conjure fictional scenarios in our minds, which are usually imaginary, causing imaginary sufferings. Realise that investing time in suffering in the imaginary world is pointless, especially when there are so many things to appreciate in the present moment.

Although assumptions are useful short cuts to navigate the uncertainties of life, they are also harmful and limiting if left unchallenged. When we challenge our assumptions, we open ourselves to new approaches of thinking, problem-solving and alternative possibilities that enable us to outsmart our biases.

Have you ever observed that it is out of our most heartbreaking struggles where we find the most significant opportunities to learn and grow? We question the essential element of our being – if life is to be meaningful, then so too must suffering.

The proverb “every dark cloud has a silver lining” conveys an optimistic and enduring message. A reminder that even the darkest of times can have a glimmer of hope and a strong potential for good to emerge. The hidden meaning behind a struggle can always be uncovered if you search for it with firm determination.

As suffering finds meaning, it is no longer suffering. To break free from the struggle, look beyond the immediate anguish of suffering as a choice that upholds your dignity rather than resisting it. Consider that each of us possesses the ability to rise above struggles and become the most powerful version of ourselves.

Adapting to struggles requires the ability to adjust our thinking to overcome, adapt and evolve. What matters most is our response to struggles, the meaning we attach to them which either destroys us or makes us stronger. The onus is on us to make a conscious decision to begin living with clarity and resist being swayed by the gusts of life.

Smart choices can allow us to experience emotions and feelings that can help us build strength and clarify the cause of the struggle. As you attempt to flow with it willingly, there is a level of acceptance for the struggle. We turn personal struggles into triumphs by tapping into inner wisdom, turning struggles into a testament to human achievement.

Struggles have a strange way of directing us towards our truest expression of ourselves, our true identity, especially when we lose our way in life. We are reminded of our personal characteristics, abilities and capabilities. During our struggles, we are wired to be resilient, determined and self-aware. However, the qualities build the human that will have the ability to achieve massive success. Hence, it is frequently argued that certain life lessons cannot be taught but must be experienced.

Our blessings can be seen even in the most troubling struggles. We can leverage opportunities by taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture. Everyone experiences the biggest struggle of their lives when it comes to balancing their dreams with the effort they dedicate to achieving them. Successful individuals have an enabling mindset, a realistic outlook and a conviction that they themselves are the creators of innovation.

Without struggles, it becomes challenging to develop the necessary wisdom for your continued success. It has been found that having an insatiable curiosity and hunger for lifelong learning constantly searching to understand the world around you coupled with the intrigue of the unknown, unlocks the potential that often overlooks the blessings that surround us.

Will you rise above, and accept the struggles life has thrown at you or will you allow the relentless winds of life to dictate your path and your ultimate legacy?

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser.

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