Former Scandal actress Joyce Skefu talks about her road to recovery after suffering stroke two years ago

Joyce Skefu. Picture: Supplied

Joyce Skefu. Picture: Supplied

Published May 14, 2024


By Cebolethu Shinga

Former Scandal actress Joyce Skefu has opened up about her recovery after she suffered a stroke two years ago.

Skefu, who is also known for the starring roles in Muvhango, Abomama, The Imposter, posted a video on Instagram, where she shared a bit about her recovery journey.

According to Skefu, there was no sign that she was going to have a stroke.

“I just woke up and I couldn't walk,” said Skefu.

She said she could not move when she woke up needing a bathroom around 4am.

“I couldn’t move and I couldn’t get of the bed,” said the actress.

Skefu also revealed that she ended up throwing herself on the floor to get off the bed and crawled to the bathroom.

“I watched half of my body die slowly,” she added.

Skefu described the experience as scary and traumatising, in the video, Skefu is seen giving thanks to God for fighting for her from that traumatic experience.

“Jesus fought for me, the stroke is cruel, it is mean,” Skefu said.

Skefu said she was praying for a full recovery after she posted a video in which she also seen having difficulty walking during her physiotherapy session while being assisted by her instructor.

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