Sophie Ndaba’s son Ocean L gushes over his ‘strong force’ of a mother

Lwandle 'Ocean L' Ndaba and his mother Sophie. Picture: Instagram/oceanel_sa

Lwandle 'Ocean L' Ndaba and his mother Sophie. Picture: Instagram/oceanel_sa

Published Aug 22, 2023


Local actress and event planner to the stars, Sophie Ndaba, recently launched She's A Wonder (SAW), a platform for women to connect and empower each other.

It serves as a community where like-minded women can come together to share their stories, offer support and promote healing and restoration.

At the weekend, Ndaba hosted a launch for SAW and it was attended by A-list women.

Many took to social media to share how they were proud of the former ‘Generations’ actress’s newest venture, which sees her taking back control of her narrative.

There was one person, who was however beaming with pride - her son Lwandle, also known by stage moniker Ocean L.

Lwandle penned a tear-jerking post on Instagram, praising his mother and reflecting on her success.

“This is the woman that God decided to choose to be my mother, such a strong force man. Lemme tell you also that God makes the impossible very much possible.

“As I type this my mom launched @shesawonder_africa where woman empowerment is at its finest 🌊🌊she will show you the greatness that happened yesterday and how many women's hearts she touched this woman’s month.”

In his post, Lwandle commended his mother for her “energy of not giving up” and her drive to thrive despite all that life throws at her.

“I got Mad love for you Ma and thank you for never giving up. I'm super proud of what you have accomplished so far,” he wrote.

Lwandle previously made headlines for publicly having his mother’s back when he released a diss track aimed at her ex-husband Max Lichaba, alleging he physically abused her.