#ComicConAfrica: Travis Fimmel, Yetide Badaki call on geeks to be loud and proud

Published Sep 15, 2018


Johannesburg - Be whatever you want to be and be proud of it.

If there is one thing that can be taken from Comic-Con this year, it's exactly that. 

Thousands of comic book fans, science-fiction enthusiasts, gamers and all lovers of geek culture made their way to Kyalami Race track centre in Johannesburg for the second day of South Africa — and Africa's —  first-ever Comic Con. 

Whether it's being part of the weird and wonderful world of geek culture or having alternative interests, being proud of who you are is important.

IOL sat down with Vikings actor Travis Fimmel and American Gods' star Yetide Badaki, who both spoke about their experiences on set and delved into their characters. 

When asked about what he felt about Ragnar's death, he described it as painless.  "He did everything he set out to do. It is time for his children to take the shine'

Fimmel, who will also be going on safari, expressed his awe at our country.  "I really wanted to visit South Africa. There are some amazing people I met."

He also said how fantastic it is to see people be passionate about what they love. 

Nigerian-born Badaki fangirled with IOL about geek culture and the fact that Comic Con finally hit Africa. 

"What I love about the geek culture is that its often celebrating and love, and coming together to celebrate an environment that everyone is open and passionate. "

She described playing Bilquis as "a dream come true". 

"Getting to do a convention in my homeland is something that I hadn't thought was possible."

She also finds it amusing how people seem to think she is Bilquis.  

"I enjoy seeing her as this entity but when people actually meet me, they say I am the complete opposite! "

Comic Con is a three-day event that brought celebrities and geek culture lovers under one roof and evidently, has people proud to be who they are. 


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