Mr JazziQ denies sexual assault allegations levelled by YFM radio producer in lengthy statement

Amapiano DJ and producer Mr JazziQ ( Tumelo Manyoni) and YFM drive-time show producer Ngcebo Mcobothi. Picture: Instagram

Amapiano DJ and producer Mr JazziQ ( Tumelo Manyoni) and YFM drive-time show producer Ngcebo Mcobothi. Picture: Instagram

Published May 29, 2024


Amapiano pioneer Mr JazziQ has released a media statement addressing the allegations of sexual assault levelled against him by YFM drive-time show producer Ngcebo Mcobothi.

Mcobothi took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and initially did not name JazziQ, real name Tumelo Manyoni, claiming that she had been sexually assaulted after rejecting his advances.

When pressed by her followers, Mcobothi, admitted that the “fave” in question was MrJazziQ, who was at the YFM studios with Robot Boii and their teams to promote their new collaboration.

In his statement, Mr JazziQ shared his reaction to the news and the steps that were taken by his team, such as requesting CCTV footage from the station, to disprove the allegations against him.

“The basis for this request was for Mr JazziQ to offer a detailed response to the damaging allegations by providing irrefutable evidence that they have no basis in truth or fact.

“Four days after the footage was initially requested, YFM has responded (see Appendix B), stating that the said lift has no cameras,” read the statement.

The radio station, in their response to Mr JazziQ’s legal team, distanced itself from Mcobothi’s allegations, stating that she is a freelancer and that the station does not support any of the claims she made on social media.

After not being able to get footage from the radio station, the amapiano producer opted to release footage shot by his videographer that shows the moments around the lift, but not inside where Mcobothi claimed it took place.

The clip, which has been edited together, shows Mcobothi entering the lift ahead of the DJ, as he is busy taking pictures with a fan. The fan then takes pictures with Robot Boii as JazziQ enters the lift. There is no footage of inside the lift, only when they exited and headed into the studio.

Mcobothi, in her tweets, claimed the DJ tried to forcefully kiss her inside the lift. Her X account has since been deactivated.

“This guy literally grabbed me by the waist trying to kiss me ngenkani the way I had to push him away from me lapho we’re in a lift,” she tweeted.

MrJazziQ has denied these allegations. “Three points are important to note. Firstly, at no point was Mr JazziQ alone with Ms Mcobothi in the lift – they were in the presence of at least five other people at all times.

“The second, is that Mr JazziQ and Ms Mcobothi were never in close proximity, as she entered the lift before him. Him being the last to enter means that he was also closest to the elevator doors – with no less than five other people between them.

“Finally, the lift was travelling just one floor up – a distance that took a few seconds at best.

“For Ms Mcobothi’s allegations to be true, Mr JazziQ would have needed to enter the lift, wade through five other people, position himself next to her, attempt an assault on her in full view of the other people in the lift, and then out of the lift in barely 10 seconds that it took the lift to get just one floor up.

“This is both improbable and illogical – especially as it would require that all persons in the lift, including women, would be complicit in what can only be described as atrocious actions.”

In his statement, Mr JazziQ asked that his fans refrain from attacking Mcobothi online or in any way. He has also asked her to consider the implications of the damaging lie that she has spread.

The amapiano producer has not taken legal action against Mcobothi, who has not laid a criminal case against him, but said “he will have no option but to pursue the legal route to clear his name so that this cloud of suspension can be lifted from him.”

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