Real Housewives star Bev Steyn on finding healing in her truth, fans and sisterhood

Bev Steyn. Picture: Supplied

Bev Steyn. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 24, 2024


Reality TV star Beverley Steyn has a lot to share as she reveals how her fans have helped her heal.

The Real Housewives of Cape Town TV star recently made her return to TV during the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip after she previously dramatically left the show with unanswered questions.

However, the reality TV star returned to the show with the intention of speaking her truth and using the platform to shed light on the unspoken struggles that many women face.

“I came back because my side of the story needs to be told and I feel like my story can help other women who have been through similar situations because it is something that is unspoken.

“You do not hear a lot of people speak about it but it is something that a lot of people have gone through,” said Steyn.

According to Steyn, she may not have been able to fully convey her story to the extent that she desired, but there were moments throughout her experience on Ultimate Girls Trip where glimpses of her truth were shared.

Over the course of two seasons as a housewive star, Steyn also shared that there are so many things that she has learned from the show. The most significant lesson she has learned is the power of embracing diversity and understanding.

“There are so many things that I have learned from the show, but the biggest is that it has helped me to embrace different cultures and different personalities. It has also taught me to be more empathetic and to see things from people’s pain because we have all gone through pain and that has elevated me as a woman,” said Steyn.

She also shared that living your truth in the public eye can be both liberating and challenging, but for her, the experience of being on the show has been a powerful influence for self-discovery and self-acceptance.

“The love that I also get from being a Housewife has been incredible, it has helped me heal so much. My fans have helped me heal by giving me love, and they make me laugh and enjoy life and not be so serious,” she added.

Embarking on Ultimate Girls Trip, Steyn said, to her it was more than just another reality TV opportunity; but a chance to showcase the real Bev, without the baggage and emotional turmoil that shrouded her time on The Real Housewives of Cape Town.

She faced challenges of navigating tough conversations with empathy and bravery, understanding the power of sharing her story to not only heal herself but also provide support for those facing similar experiences

“I wanted the viewers to see who Bev really is. In The Real Housewives of Cape Town, I did not get the chance to show myself fully, I was going through a lot behind the scenes,” shared Steyn.

While her friendships with Nonku, Lethabo, Liz, and LaC are built upon a solid foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and unwavering support.

“I feel like I have built a strong sisterhood with the ladies and I feel like I can pick up the phone and speak to them about anything at any time,” said Steyn.

She also claims that her relationship with Christall was merely a superficial acquaintance prior to their shared involvement in The Real Housewives franchise.

“The implication that she was somehow instrumental in securing my position on the show is a falsity that needs to be rectified,” she said.

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