Twitter drags UK media personality for throwing shade at Meghan Markle

Published May 21, 2018


While many still have "Royal Wedding" fever following Prince Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle on Saturday, one person could not contain her contempt for the blushing bride, so Twitter read her for filth.

English media personality Katie Hopkins got dragged after she made nasty remarks about Meghan, by comparing the former actress to her new sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

On her Twitter account, Hopkins posted a collage of Catherine and Meghan in their wedding gowns, with the caption “No competition. You can’t buy class.”

No competition. You can’t buy class. #RoyalWedding2018

— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) May 19, 2018

Tweeps, however, went for the throat left her in shambles, and trolled her for shaming the new Duchess of Sussex, and quickly reminded her that while there's only a few years difference in her and Meghan's age, she hasn't aged quite was well.

Reminder that Katie Hopkins is 43, 7 years older than Meghan Markle. Hate ages the body awfully kids

— Eric Killmonger (@BisonBarker) May 20, 2018

— Dania (@daniagilangley) May 21, 2018

You’re racist. But I also found out that you were born in 1975 which is shocking. I’m not usually one to judge based on looks but I thought you were older than my mom who was born in 1960. So much hate doesn’t do well on skin apparently.

— Hay 🦄 (@ninnitron) May 20, 2018

Katie Hopkins is the same age as David Beckham. Hate doesn’t age you well does it 🤔

— 🤼‍♀️ Matt 🤾🏼‍♂️ (@mrperson77) May 19, 2018 Earlier this year Hopkins came to South Africa to film a documentary in an attempt to expose the supposed "white genocide" happening in the country. 

She was then detained at border control upon leaving the country as her passport was marked for spreading racial hatred in South Africa. 

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