The classic #MothersDay brunch- Flapjacks and Waffles

Buttermilk Flapjacks

Buttermilk Flapjacks

Published May 13, 2018


Happy Mother’s Day! So, you probably will have your loved ones spoiling you rotten the whole day. But what is Mother’s Day without breakfast in bed (or brunch), with waffles or pancakes? 

Buttermilk Flapjacks

If I could start every morning with a stack of these fluffy, tasty flapjacks – I'd be the happiest lady ever. I also love serving my flapjacks with bacon and cheese for a more savoury breakfast 


- 500ml self-raising flour

- 80ml caster sugar

- 2 eggs, lightly beaten

- 50g butter, melted

- 600ml buttermilk

- Oil for frying

- Maple syrup and strawberries, to serve


- Sift the flour and sugar together in a large mixing bowl.

- Mix the eggs, butter and buttermilk together in a small mixing bowl. 

- Make a well in the centre of the flour and add all of the wet ingredients. 

- Use a whisk and mix until there are no more lumps.

- Warm a non-stick pan over medium heat. 

- Brush the pan with a little of the oil. 

- Dollop heaped spoonfuls of the batter into a warm non-stick frying pan. 

- Fry the flapjacks for 2 minutes or until tiny bubbles appear on the surface.

- Turn the flapjacks over using a spatula and brown the other side for 1 minute more. 

- Remove from the pan and keep warm. 

- Stack the flapjacks on a plate and serve with strawberry slices and a drizzling of syrup. 

Pastry waffle stack

Pastry waffle stack

Is it breakfast or is it dessert?… well, it can be both as you can layer in filling and topping but life is so much more fun with dulce de leche. 

This recipe works very well with cheese in the centre and crispy bacon and if you want to go all out, you could add a poached egg.


- 1 x roll of puff pastry

- 250ml dulce de leche (caramel sauce)

- Vanilla ice cream 

- Baking spray


- Spray waffle machine and heat, measure the size of the press.

- Roll out puff pastry and cut two pieces of puff pastry that will fit into your machine. 

- Spoon dulce onto one pastry slice and top with the second, creating a sandwich and seal the edges. 

- Place in waffle machine and cook for 10 -12 minutes until pastry is cooked and golden brown

- Remove waffle and slice in half and layer ice cream and more caramel sauce.  

Claire Allen

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