Award-Winning barista Kgune Dlamini brews inclusivity at Africa’s Travel Indaba

Award-Winning Barista Kgune Dlamini. Picture: Dominic Nadioo/ Independent Newspapers

Award-Winning Barista Kgune Dlamini. Picture: Dominic Nadioo/ Independent Newspapers

Published May 16, 2024


Amidt the vibrant atmosphere of Africa's Travel Indaba, one figure stands out among the bustling crowds: Kgune Dlamini, an award-winning barista who is not only brewing coffee but also crafting experiences infused with inclusivity and warmth.

Stationed at the Tourvest outdoor exhibit, Dlamini's mobile coffee shop, Esquire Coffee Co. offers exceptional coffee solutions for events and conferences while championing the values of unity and connection.

An incredibly likeable person, what sets Dlamini apart is not just his mastery of coffee but his unwavering commitment to fostering connections and creating inclusive spaces. Fluent in sign language, he effortlessly communicates with customers, bridging divides and bringing people together with every cup he serves.

Inspired by his former deaf girlfriend, Dlamini has immersed himself in the deaf community, learning the language of signs and the language of coffee. For him, inclusivity is not just a concept; it's a way of life—a belief reflected in every interaction and every sip of coffee.

“Being at Africa’s biggest and busiest travel trade show is always an unforgettable experience. The opportunity to meet new people, form new friendships, and, of course, network with industry heavyweights is invaluable,” Dlamini shared.

As Africa's Travel Indaba draws to a close today, Dlamini will still be captivating delegates with his signature blend of skill, passion, and inclusivity.

He reminded me with a gleaming smile that “with every cup of coffee, we have the opportunity to create something truly special—a moment of connection, a gesture of kindness, and a taste of brilliance.”