Health and wellness take centre stage as Kellogg’s launches two new granola flavours in Muldersdrift

Some of the influencers at the Kellogg’s Flourish Fest. Picture: Tshego Mmahlatji/Supplied

Some of the influencers at the Kellogg’s Flourish Fest. Picture: Tshego Mmahlatji/Supplied

Published Apr 20, 2024


South Africa loves a good malva pudding, so it was no surprise when the celebrated local chefs Thero Ramatebele and Ika Kgarume took a simple dessert that is loved by many and added a crunchy twist to it at a do this week.

Chef Thero this week served fitness influencers, fitness enthusiasts, content creators and journalists with his granola infused malva pudding during a flourish fest themed wellness day in the Muldersdrift area as Kelloggs launched two new flavours for their range.

“In South Africa, we love malva pudding and it is something people are comfortable making at home and we decided to incorporate the crunchiness of cinnamon granola, the idea was to embrace the South African cuisine,” Chef Thero told IOL at the event.

The chefs, who have been in the industry for over a decade, served attendees with two variations of a cocoa delight granola infused salad, one with chicken and the other being a vegetarian option with cauliflower.

“The granola is an easy product to work with,because it has a lot of nutritious values, with its rich sweetness,” Chef Ika remarked.

Chef Ika and Chef Thero's granola infused chicken.

Kellogs this week launched two new flavours for its granola range at Ground in Muldersdrift.

It was a day filled with fun and games, healthy snacks, refreshments and activities as they launched the cocoa delight and cinnamon crunch.

The cinnamon crunch offers the same crunchy granola taste, only this time with a new bursting cinnamon flavour, while the cocoa delight offers that chocolate taste, but without the added sugar.

Kelloggs brand manager Corrine Frasher said their Flourish Fest theme was "nourish to flourish because we believe the ingredients we put in the new range will help you to flourish and concur the goals you have set for yourself for the day.”

Frasher said they wanted to inspire people to really go after their goals.

“There is greatness in our grains and that’s how you are able to achieve your greatness. The other one has cocoa powder in it and that’s the cocoa delight which is high in energy with added protein a, cinnamon crunch has cinnamon in it.

“So they have the same base with different flavour,” she said.

Back at the Muldersdrift Flourish Fest event, which took place on Thursday morning, attendees - including members of the media, influencers, fitness enthusiasts and content creators, were also served with light breakfast infused with granola.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the new addition to their wellness range, the organisers prepared two workout sessions.

The first session was a stimulating yoga session led by the renowned Batswana Yoga instructor Drake Selwe, while the second session was an intense boot camp led by award-winning fitness trainer Zintle Masango and Sibongiseni Ndwandwe.

Bootcamp fitness session

To end the day, the soulful Shekhinah serenaded us with an intimate performance as the much-loved performer dazzled the small crowd, captivating the audience.

** The organisers contributed to the transportation of the journalists in this assignment.