WATCH: Nara Smith vs South Africa’s Onezwa Mbola - who’s copying who?

Influencers Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Picture: TikTok screenshots

Influencers Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Picture: TikTok screenshots

Published Jun 14, 2024


If you want to be a successful content creator your content needs to be original.

When we look at Nara Smith’s content, one can only assume that hers is all original because who else out there is making everything from scratch?

Well, that’s what most people think anyway.

Today the originality of Smith’s content has come under scrutiny after she posted a video of herself making boba tea from scratch.

@naraazizasmith what’s your drink order? #easyrecipes #homecooking #fypツ #drink #boba #cravings ♬ Just Give Me One More Day - Alej

This came days after South African content creator Onezwa Mbola posted a video of her making boba tea from scratch.

The only difference is the type of tea they made and the overall style in which it was done.

@onezwambola • Guava Boba : guava leaf tea, guava infused goats milk • goats cheese, mushroom and spinach galette 💚![CDATA[]]>🤌![CDATA[]]>🏾 #fyp #rurallife #farmlife #ezilalini #southafrica #dayinmylife #viral ♬ original sound - Onezwa Mbola

Mbola is in fact well-known for making her meals from scratch as well but, because she has fewer followers, her content is not on everyone’s radar.

For a while now her South African followers have been saying that Smith has been “stealing” her content.

But after the boba tea recipes, people are now more convinced than ever that Smith is in fact copying Mbola.

On X South Africans are supporting Mbola saying Smith has been copying her all along.

@notThemba wrote: “Tbh Onezwa will share something she made and 2 days later, Nara Smith will make more or less the same thing. If you’re going to steal and pocket from someone else’s work, the least you can do is give them credit for “inspiring” you. Reference your sources!!!!”

@I_am_Bucie said: “Nara Smith sucks honestly what happened to authenticity. She’s getting a big fat pay check from TikTok off Onezwa’s work and ideas.”

@siiiino has gone as far as blocking Smith saying: “I just blocked Nara Smith. She has hurt Onezwa sm it is heartbreaking bethunana.”

In her most recent TikTok video, Mbola said that she will no longer be sharing content.

@onezwambola Cooking just like my grandmother 💚 #fyp #rurallife #farmlife #ezilalini #southafrica #dayinmylife ♬ original sound - Onezwa Mbola

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