Want to ‘scrap’ your ex? Put their name on a car and have it scrapped

Scrap a car with your ex’s name on it. Picture: Supplied

Scrap a car with your ex’s name on it. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 30, 2024


If you’ve come out of a nasty break-up and want to “scrap” your ex, here’s a great solution that won’t actually harm the person but certainly bring you great satisfaction.

A scrap car company based in the UK, Scrap Car Comparison, is giving spurned lovers the chance to name a car being sent to the scrap heap after an ex-partner.

The scheme aims to help anyone dealing with a break-up to get through Valentine’s Day by effectively ‘scrapping’ their heartbreak.

To “scrap” an ex, people need to simply enter the name of the person they want to “scrap” via the Scrap Car Comparison website.

Aiming to provide the antidote to Valentine’s heartbreak, the vehicle scrappage comparison site is giving people the chance to send their ex-partner to the scrap heap, by naming a soon-to-be scrapped car after them.

Offering a unique form of ‘car-tharsis’ for anyone who has recently gone through a breakup, the ‘Scrap Your Ex’ scheme is open for a limited time to anyone worldwide who wants to trash the memories of a past relationship, or even nominate a friend’s ex that deserves to be scrapped.

The ex’s name will then be spray painted on the chassis of a car that is destined for the scrap heap, making it the ultimate gift for anyone looking for closure, rather than love this Valentine’s Day.

Your ex’s name will be painted on the car. Picture: Supplied

The company is making it easy for anyone interested in using the service, with a simple online form enabling users to input a past partner's name and why they want them scrapped.

Anticipating high levels of demand, not all exes may be able to be scrapped, but the brand is aiming to scrap as many as possible, with lucky lovers being provided with photographic evidence of the deed.

With the online form closing on Valentine’s Day (Wednesday, February 14), people will need to get their entries in quickly.

David Kottaun, Operations Manager of Scrap Car Comparison commented: “Alongside the multiple scrap yards we work with from across the country, we scrap a lot of vehicles, so it made sense to make something more of them this year.

“Unfortunately, all of us will likely have been through a break-up at some point in our lives, and we realise how hard it can be to get over and move on.

“We hope that providing this unique form of closure, symbolically scrapping an ex will help people to leave their heartbreak behind for good”.