How to cater for friends who follow a plant-based diet

Get your Martha Stewart game on and read the quick tricks we have for you.

Get your Martha Stewart game on and read the quick tricks we have for you.

Published Jan 28, 2022


Catering for a group of friends that have diverse dietary needs can get tricky! We’re happy to let you know that a little bit of pre-planning will make your next get-together super fun and easy to host! Get your Martha Stewart game on and read the quick tricks we have for you.

When a person decides to eat plant-based, that means that they will no longer use or consume anything that comes from animals (like meat, honey, eggs, gelatin and dairy).

First things first; phone a (plant based) friend!

Reach out to your plant-based friends and ask them what their favourite dishes or ingredients are. That simple gesture will not only simplify your planning, but it will make them feel seen and considered. Asking your friend about plant-based dishes will result in an inclusive and personalised menu that everyone can enjoy.

Favourites are fun!

Create appetisers and mains that are crowd favourites. Fry’s has an incredible range of snacking meals like the no-meat balls that could be enjoyed as a starter with a yummy dip. A fresh and pretty salad will win your friends’ hearts too. Replace traditional meat with Fry’s chicken strips and switch it up by sprinkling crispy onions, seed mix and fresh herbs on top. Yum!

You can also create a hearty, warm salad with butternut, spinach, quinoa, pesto, and some avocado. Add some sliced Big Fry Boerie sausages and you have a fun, boerie salad! Pssst: you can join the We Love Veganuary Facebook group to get some plant based cooking tips or get some FREE vegan recipes on Fry's website.

Bring out the showstopper

There's nothing more satisfying than a room full of guests ‘oohing and ahhing’ over a meal you have prepared. A perfect idea would be a creamy cauliflower cottage pie, boerie rolls with apricot Malay coleslaw and crispy onions, or a loaded ‘schnitzel’ caesar salad. And to be a little bit extra, serve an Instagram-worthy veggie spread with plant-based dips. Not only will that win over a few hearts, but it will also definitely go on the ‘gram.

Happy eating, friends!