This Veganuary, nourish yourself with plants

Tammy Fry, leader in plant-based nutrition, Director at The Fry Family Food Co. and local ambassador for Veganuary.

Tammy Fry, leader in plant-based nutrition, Director at The Fry Family Food Co. and local ambassador for Veganuary.

Published Jan 8, 2021


With January being the month of resolutions, we chat to Tammy Fry, leader in plant-based nutrition, Director at The Fry Family Food Co. and local ambassador for Veganuary about the campaign that’s blowing up globally.

Tell us about the Veganuary campaign, what is it about?

Veganuary is an annual campaign that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. It has an impressive and ever-growing global reach. Fry’s has a history of leading plant-based initiatives like Veganuary in South Africa. This year we are stepping up as an official global sponsor and I cannot wait to work with our sister brand Oumph!, to use our collective reach and resources to help drive record participation around the world to make plant-based eating the new normal. In 2020, South Africa had the eighth-highest number of signs ups to Veganuary and we are anticipating even more this year (South Africans can take the pledge here).

Why should anyone consider taking part in Veganuary?

For some people it’s the health aspect that appeals, for others it’s the environment or the animals. Now more than ever people are pushing back against animal cruelty and animal agriculture. Increasingly though, people are quitting animal products as they become more aware of the impact of those products on the planet. Plant-based diets are on the rise because people are taking steps to make more conscious consumer choices and what a great way to kick start your new year off with that head space.

What exactly is a plant-based diet and what are some of these health benefits?

A plant-based diet is a diet devoid of any animal products. So no eggs, no dairy and definitely no meat. More and more evidence is highlighting the multiple health benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet such as higher and better sustained energy levels, weight loss, reduced risk of chronic illness and the “Blue Zone” survey of the world’s longest-lived people shows that a diet that is at least 95-100% plant based could increase longevity and promote well-being. From a more altruistic position, it’s good for the animals and great for the planet!

How can die-hard meat-eating families participate in Veganuary, where can they start?

We’ve got your back! In addition to taking the pledge for Veganuary we also have our We LOVE Veganuary Facebook Group which is a fantastic community of people who have all taken the pledge and are there to support one another with helpful pointers and tips throughout the month and beyond. There you will get meal ideas, tips and guidance from others who have taken the pledge as well as access to really useful content like a day-by-day meal plan with some utterly delectable dishes! Think thick juicy burgers with crunchy sides, spicy stir-fries and “dad” worthy salads packed full of texture and flavour fit to convince the harshest sceptic of the home. We’re also thrilled to have family favourite restaurant, John Dory’s on board this year as they launch their new plant-based menu to coincide with Veganuary, making sure that even dining out will be a breeze.

How easy is it really?

Using plant meats really makes life so much easier. You make exactly what you would normally make, but you switch out the animal protein for the plant protein. You can still make pies, lasagne, curries, stir fries (or stir Frys ;)), spag bol, and cottage pie.

In addition, our range of child-approved snacks is sure to appease the hangriest of monsters. As a mother of two busy boys and a business leader I am all for healthy food prepared fast and easily, in fact it’s so important to me, I wrote a book, Made with Love and Plants! Veganuary is an opportunity to share my years of knowledge and support people regardless of where they’re at in their plant-based food journey.

Join our We Love Veganuary Facebook Group and let me know how it’s going. I’d love to see what’s cooking in your kitchen.

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