Unleash the love: Treats, toys and more for your pets at Loot!

Published Mar 6, 2024


Looking to spoil your furry friend with the best of the best? Look no further than Loot! We're your one-stop shop for everything your pet needs to live their happiest, healthiest life.

Food and treats for cats, dogs birds

Spoil your furry friend with delicious and nutritious meals and treats from Loot! We offer a wide selection of cat food and dog food from top brands, ensuring your pet gets the complete and balanced diet they need to thrive. Choose from dry kibble, wet food, and grain-free options to suit any dietary needs. Don't forget the yummy treats!

We have everything from chew toys to training treats to keep your pet happy and engaged. Browse our wide selection and find the perfect food and treats to make your pet's tail wag

Food containers:

Keep your pet's food fresh and delicious longer with Loot's pawsome selection of pet food containers. We offer a variety of airtight containers in different sizes and styles to fit your pet's kibble or treats. These containers have secure seals to lock in freshness and prevent moisture and pests from spoiling the food.

Toys for cats, dogs

Unleash the fun and keep your furry friend entertained with pet toys. Loot has everything to spark your pet's natural curiosity and keep them engaged, from squeaky plush toys and interactive puzzles to durable chew toys and fetching fun options like frisbees and balls.

Beds and scratching posts for cats

Give your feline friend the ultimate relaxation station with Loot's purr-fect selection of cat beds. We have a variety of comfy options to suit every cat's personality and preference. Spoil your kitty with a luxuriously soft cat bed or a cosy cave for napping.

We even have options with scratching posts built-in to keep your furniture safe. No matter what your cat desires, Loot has the purrfect cat bed to make them feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

Beds for dogs

Tired of finding your dog sprawled out on the couch? Treat them to their own comfy bed. Keep your furry friend happy and well-rested, from supportive orthopaedic beds to cuddly donut beds for ultimate snuggles.

Whether your pup is a burrowing champion or a lofty lounger, Loot has the perfect dog bed to make them feel secure, comfortable, and ready for sweet dreams. So, say goodbye to dog hair on the furniture and watch your pup relax in bliss with their very own bed.

Whether you've got a playful pup or a purrfect feline friend, browse Loot’s selection of pet supplies and shower your fur baby with love!