Veganuary challenge! 5 Things you need to know

Published Jan 18, 2022


Veganuary is for everyone! Aimed at inspiring and supporting people around the world to try going plant-based for January and beyond.

Most people have thought about trying plant-based at least once before, right? Well, there is no better time to start than January. A new year's resolution is a promise that you’ll do something different in the new year and the Veganuary challenge is perfect opportunity to explore upgrading the way you eat. If you haven’t tried Veganuary before then here’s your chance, but first, here are 5 things you need to know.

You don’t need to give up the food you love!

A common misconception that people have about going plant-based is that you need to stop making all the yummy comfort food you’re accustomed to making, but there’s no need to! Classic boeries, burgers and pastas can all still be made to taste just as yummy with plant-based alternatives.

From creamy crunch burgers to meat free alfredo pasta and big fry boerie rolls, the Fry’s Family Food Co. offers yummy recipes to help you with these replacements.

The goal for many is better health

Veganuary started as a way to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment but it has also grown into a way for millions of people to improve their health. In fact, 50% of people who tried Veganuary in 2021 said they felt healthier.

Once you sign up to Veganuary, you’re emailed a vegan starter kit that’ll have everything you need to know about nutrition and meal plans whilst Fry’s has a free Veganuary 4-week plant-based meal plan to keep you nourished with plants throughout the month!

The Internet can be your friend

As we already know, there is so much to learn on the internet! Tips and tricks on how to go plant-based, info on where the vegan spots are near you as well as the stores that sell your favourite products. The first two obvious sites we would recommend visiting to get updates, recipes and details on everything plant-based are, the official Veganuary page and the Fry’s Family Food page.

You are not alone

As a global initiative, there are millions of people taking the step to trying plant-based. They’re not just doing it for January but might carry it on throughout the year.

If you’re planning on trying this challenge, then we would suggest encouraging your friends and family to join in on the fun and if they’re not quite ready yet, then join the South African We Love Veganuary support group on Facebook. It always helps talking to people who share similar experiences & interests.

Don’t overthink it, embrace the experience

Embrace all the differences you start to experience. Exploring plant-based after being used to a certain type of food your entire life isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, so don’t overthink it!

Start by replacing some of your regular meaty meals and snacks with plant-based products at least once or twice a week and move on from there. Fry’s chicken-style nuggets (which is a great lunchbox snack), mini chipolatas and pea protein mince are delicious, easy-to-make and affordable products that should help with your transition.

Wishing you all the best of luck as you embark on this new journey! Happy Veganuary, friends!