WATCH: 2 metre tall woman is fetishised by men who want her to ‘crush’ them with her feet

Published Feb 12, 2024


A 6ft 7in (2.0066m) woman who “constantly” hits her head on door frames, has to request larger Ubers, and has faced rejection while dating and been fetishised by men who want her to “crush” them under her size 11 feet, has said she wants to encourage others to “embrace” who they are.

Katie Woolls, 25, a content creator who lives near London, said she wanted to “hide away as much as possible” growing up, as her peers would make snide remarks and “mean” comments.

People would stare, snigger, point, and “poke fun” at her regularly, and she would often be mistaken for being much older.

She recalls one time where a woman in the supermarket told her off for being “badly behaved for a teenage girl”, when in fact, she was only around eight years old at the time.

According to Bristol Live, Katie previously worked as a sales manager before quitting to focus on content creation on social media. This is now her full time job.

Woolls has more than 370 000 followers on Instagram.

Along with posting pictures and videos about her height, including size comparison content, Katie wants to share the message that everyone should embrace and be “proud” of who they are, Bristol Live reported.

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