Stanfields facing more charges: ‘28s boss’ could be charged for house break-in

Behind bars: Ralph Stanfield, Nicole Johnson. File picture: Brendan Magaar / Independent Newspapers

Behind bars: Ralph Stanfield, Nicole Johnson. File picture: Brendan Magaar / Independent Newspapers

Published Apr 2, 2024


Ralph Stanfield could face more charges as the investigation into his alleged crime spree continues.

This was revealed at the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday as the alleged 28s gang boss, along with his wife Nicole Johnson and others, returned to the dock.

The couple were arrested along with Johannes “Bal” Abrahams, Denver Booysen and José “Makop’’ Brandt, by the Anti-Gang Unit on various charges linked to the attempted murder of a former employee of Stanfield.

The employee allegedly stole over R1 million from the couple.

During the bail hearings, it was revealed that the former employee, who is now a State witness, had not arrived at work on November 24, 2022, after a tip-off that Stanfield had allegedly planned to kill him.

The witness then hid his girlfriend’s BMW in a complex in Milnerton and went into hiding.

According to the State’s case, the couple embarked on a manhunt and even threatened the father of the witness, slapped an unsuspecting neighbour and took the BMW.

State prosecutor, Frank van Heerden, said they had just obtained the ballistics reports and that further investigations still need to take place.

He said the State had CCTV footage, but had not yet obtained a witness statement regarding a house break-in.

Should this be obtained, Stanfield could face more charges.

Van Heerden said: “I was handed the ballistics reports this morning. This report is on two projectiles on the attempted murder charge. The projectiles were found in the vehicle and in the arm of the victim, but this report does not have a comparison report between the two.

“We have been unable to obtain a witness statement on the video footage, but the State might add a charge of housebreaking for Accused 1 [Stanfield].”

The case was postponed to May 10 for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Brandt will return to court on his own this week for a bail application. He claims he was not present during the shooting.

According to the state’s case, Brandt was the gunman who opened fire on the employee at a garage in Brooklyn, resulting in him becoming a State witness and going into hiding.

In his affidavit, Brandt claimed he was at work in Beacon Valley where he is employed as a mechanic.

His boss, Jonathan Klaasen, also supplied an affidavit in which he said cops had the “wrong person”.

Brandt said he was arrested on October 7, 2023, while at work and claims officers from the Anti-Gang Unit placed bullets in his vehicle.

He further claims to have heard officers saying that he does not look like the suspect they had been looking for.

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