WATCH: This Palestinian teenager has developed an app that can decipher why your baby is crying

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

Published Aug 28, 2023


Living with infant twins and a newborn brother, this Palestinian teenager used their constant sound of cries to develop an app, which she says can help mothers identify the reason their infant is crying.

15-year-old Layali Khatib, who lives on the outskirts of the West Bank's Jenin, worked on software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the sound of infants' cries and identify the cause of their crying, whether it is hunger, sleepiness, pain or a wet diaper.

While preferring not to share the specific details of how her app works, Khatib says the process involves recording the sound of a child while crying, which is then analyzed through AI processes, resulting in a list of possible reasons and solutions for the tears.

Khatib began developing the application, which she called "Motherhood Guide" in 2019. The young developer says her app works with 93 per cent accuracy.

The "Motherhood Guide" app can be used for infants under 18 months and also gives caregivers tips and tricks on easing their child’s discomfort.

Khatib recalls having to overcome many obstacles along the way. She learned coding by following online classes and used an open-sourced website to create the app.

After her hopes of refining her current app and spreading it worldwide, Khatib’s next goal is to develop an app that can diagnose Autism.

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