EFF will be disciplined in Parliament, Malema says party has matured with 10-years experience

Published Jun 14, 2024


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has declared that his party will stop being "rowdy and disruptive" in parliament and instead concentrate on active participation on behalf of their voters.

He addressed the media in Cape Town on Thursday night emphasising the EFF’s commitment to ensuring that voters’ trust was not undermined.

“This time around we have taken a decision not to play any role of disruption in Parliament. We will be robust, and engage to a point where we follow up that which was rejected illegally in Parliament through peaceful protest on the streets.

“You will never see us on the stage, you'll never see us fighting with any bouncer or anything of that sort.

"We are here as a 10-year-old organisation with mature parliamentary politics, well-experienced to make sure that the views of those who vote for us are well-represented,” he said.

Malema was outlining the EFF’s participation in the seventh administration as well as the Government of National Unity (GNU).

This is after on Thursday, parliament announced that all systems go for the swearing-in of party members who are designed and accredited to be members of parliament (MPs).

The first sitting of the National Assembly is set to take place today at 10am (Friday) at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), while the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) will be on Saturday.

This is where the National Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and President will be elected.

In his briefing, Malema lashed out at people who voted for the ANC but would want their grievances to be addressed by the EFF.

This varies from load shedding, racism, high unemployment rate as well as lack of service delivery.

“The people of SA must swallow what they have decided to chew... They decided to chew 40% of the ANC... That’s what they said they wanted. They chose load shedding, [and] Ramaphosa, the highest level of unemployment and racism…

“From now onwards when you say there is a racist at our work, we check the historical tweeting of yours; if you have been tweeting ANC… DA go and fight with those white people alone,” he said.

He said they were tired of being used by people who don’t support them. “We are with our people now,” he added.

Malema further said the EFF was committed to working with transformative forces to ensure a better country for citizens.

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