Voting swift but without a few hiccups in the small suburbs of Sandton



Published May 29, 2024


Wendywood, Johannesburg — Voting stations around the country were filled with citizens eager to cast their vote in the 2024 elections on Wednesday, with some stations being busier than others.

The Wendywood High School voting station for residents in Morningside Manor and Wendywood opened at 7am along with the rest in the country.

Residents did not have to wait in the queue for too long with an approximate wait time of up to 30 minutes.

Residents also turned up in their proudly South African attire. One woman was sporting a dress with the national flag and a doek with the national colours.

One resident remarked that the process was efficient with the wait being bearable and not too long.

Resident Xolilie remarked that the process took a maximum of 40 minutes because they ran out of ballot papers but the officials were helpful and she enjoyed the experience of voting at the station.

Wendywood resident was second in the line at her voting station and came dressed for the occasion. Picture: Supplied

First time voters Cadence and Amea shared that their first time voting went smoother than expected but just took longer than expected. They shared that it was important that they voted as they are the people that will bring change to the country.

Families, young and old alike came out in their numbers ready to make their mark and exercise their right to vote.

Upon entering the premises, voters were guided to which line to stand in with it being split according to surnames from A to M and another for N to Z. While pensioners were moved to the front of the queue.

The process at the voting station went smoothly with IEC officials and observers on the ground and aware of their duties.

When the cable ties on two of the ballot boxes, one national and the other provincial, came loose observers were prompt to spring into action and take down their observations.

Some voters were delayed due to ballot papers running out or their names not being found on the voter’s roll.