Sandile Mantsoe paints Mokoena as violent, addicted to 'high life'

Karabo Mokoena was murdered in 2017, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend Photo: Supplied

Karabo Mokoena was murdered in 2017, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend Photo: Supplied

Published Apr 19, 2018


JOHANNESBURG - Sandile Mantsoe - accused of murdering his former girlfriend Karabo Mokoena - told a police captain about the toxic relationship he had with Mokoena and that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the High Court in Johannesburg heard on Thursday.

Captain Rogers Mahundla read a statement that he wrote with assistance from Mantsoe which said that Mokoena was violent and addicted to the "high life" and he was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In the statement Mantsoe alleged that Mokoena had multiple sexual partners including a Nigerian man who gave her R100,000 a month.

"We [Mantsoe and Mokoena] stayed together... She was not studying or working and alleged that her father was abusing her," Mantsoe's statement read.

Mantsoe said that Mokoena was angry and depressed after being raped allegedly by one of her Nigerian boyfriend's friends and crashed his grey Mercedes Benz.

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"She opened a case against me and I also opened a case against her and I didn't speak to her for two weeks. I received a message from her on Instagram and she wanted to come over for sex and I was with another girl. I woke the other girl  up and asked her to leave," the statement read.

Mantsoe said he told Mokoena that he no longer wanted to be with her hours before she allegedly committed suicide.

"I left and when I came back, I found Karabo on the floor with blood coming from her neck. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I went to the toilet and wrapped her and left the room. I pulled her body to the toilet and left," Mantsoe's statement read.

"I went to get a tyre in Lyndhurst and a place to dispose of the body. I went back to my apartment and tried to figure out how to get her out and got a bin. I managed to put her in the bin and drove to Bramley. I put the tyre and fuel on her and I burnt her. I didn't kidnap her, she came to me on her own. I didn't kill her, I panicked because of the suicide and overdose."

Mokoena was reported missing on April 28 last year, and her photographs circulated on social media. Her body was found the next day in a shallow grave.

Matter has been rolled over to Friday.

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