Toyota Fortuner is not ‘all new’, Advertising Regulatory Board rules

A picture of the Toyota logo.

The Advertising Regulatory Board has told Toyota to remove the words “all new” from its adverts on Toyota Fortuner. Picture:REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Published May 24, 2023


Durban - The Advertising Regulatory Board has told Toyota to remove the words “all new” from the adverts on its latest Fortuner range.

Consumer Neil Serfontein had complained to the ARB that the advert flighted on DStv’s Channel 145 was misleading.

The advert shows a child imagining that the vehicle was on a new planet. At the end of the advert, a male voice-over says: “The all new Toyota Fortuner. Re-imagine the luxury of freedom.”

The statement also appeared on screen.

Serfontein told the ARB that he believed the advert was misleading because it stated that the advertised Toyota Fortuner was brand new, whereas it had been given only a facelift. Outside the vehicle, only the lights, bumpers and wheels had been changed.

“It is much the same as the previous generation, and definitely not brand new,” Serfontein said.

Toyota said it was evident that the advertised vehicle had undergone material changes.

It listed about 12 changes, some of which included a new face, with a new front bumper; a new mech grille; black roof spoiler and a new suspension.

In its ruling, the directorate of the ARB found that the advert was misleading.

“The Directorate is comfortable that the Advertiser can describe the Fortuner as ‘new’. However, as highlighted by the Complainant, the Advertiser goes further, and states ‘all new’,” it said.

“’All new’ promises something more than just “the new Fortuner”.

“In the context of vehicle marketing, it implies a new model of an existing range; or at least significant changes to the existing vehicle in all aspects. In the context of ‘all new’, the words ‘re-imagine’ also become problematic – although the Directorate wishes to emphasise that they are not so in isolation.

“However, in this context, they serve to create the impression that such are the changes to the car that you need to completely shift your thinking.”

The ARB was advised not to accept advertising from Toyota that referred to the advertised vehicle as “all new”.