There are gaps in story about Gavin Watson death, says brother

Valence Watson, brother of late Bosasa boss Gavin Watson, speaks during his funeral in Port Elizabeth. Picture: Raahil Sain / ANA

Valence Watson, brother of late Bosasa boss Gavin Watson, speaks during his funeral in Port Elizabeth. Picture: Raahil Sain / ANA

Published Sep 16, 2019


Johannesburg - The brother of Gavin Watson says there are “a lot of gaps” in the story of how the former chief executive of Bosasa died.

Watson died in a mysterious car accident late last month just days before he was due to testify before a SARS tax commission. 

He was about to receive summons from the Zondo commission after he was put into the spotlight by former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi.  

Valence Watson told Independent Media on Monday that one of the strange things about the death of his brother was that his missing cell phone was once tracked to an area very far from the scene of the accident. At some point it was located in Germiston yet the accident happened near Kempton Park as Gavin was on his way to OR Tambo International Airport. 

He said what is raising their suspicions was that the accident happened in a place with no cameras which could have been used to pierce together information that would have led to the accident. 

“The accident occurs where there are no cameras… so there are a lot of questions than answers. There are gaps in the whole story,” he said. 

Asked about the pathology report that reportedly tells a story of a man who was already dead even before the accident happened, Valence said the report was “more or less correct”, although it was just a preliminary one. 

He pinned his hopes on the toxicology report which will tell whether Gavin was on some medication or drugs before the mysterious accident happened. 

“We haven't had the final (pathology) report, we are still waiting for the final report. There is still the toxicology that is yet to come. We haven't received that either… We will wait for all the reports so that we can sort of piece them together,” Valence said, adding that the family expects to receive the final pathology report in the coming weeks. 

Speaking at the funeral of Gavin, former President Jacob Zuma added to the suspicions that the former Bosasa boss may have been "cleverly removed" by "forces". He concurred with Valence that there are “gaps” and he hoped those gaps would be clarified. 

In a 13-minute telephone interview, Valence lamented that the Watson family has been under attack from some media houses and the Zondo commission has been used to destroy the family by allowing witnesses to make allegations that later accepted as the truth without being tested. 

He was adamant that the many commissions currently underway in the country have been weaponised to destroy characters of certain people. 

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