WATCH: A closer look at #Indonesia's tsunami destruction

Published Oct 11, 2018


Palu - The South African delegation of the Gift of the Givers visited the tsunami-hit Anjangan Pantai Talise beach on Thursday.

As cars drive through the beach’s main road, JI Rajamoili Road, locals and tourists all walk and ride in scooters with their phones in hand, to take a picture or two.

A yellow bridge which connects the beach area to the outer suburbs was destroyed by the tsunami, along with roads.

Office buildings along the shoreline took a violent beating from the tsunami. At least three buildings had cars trapped inside, some inside the frame of the building.

The effects of the tsunami were felt beyond the beach, at least a kilometre into the area, destroying hundreds of buildings and houses in the process.

The Gift of the Givers will leave the tsunami and earthquake-hit city of Palu on Thursday night as the volunteers prepare to head back home to South Africa at the weekend.

Video: Sihle Mlambo

* Cash contributions to assist the victims of the disaster can be deposited into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525. Please send deposit slip to [email protected] for acknowledgement. You can also donate online


** Independent Media journalist Sihle Mlambo is in Indonesia with the Gift of the Givers team.

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