Insurance app will help you save

File picture: 3D Animation Production Company/Pixabay

File picture: 3D Animation Production Company/Pixabay

Published Jul 29, 2019


Standard Bank Insurance is leveraging innovation to offer a new car and home insurance app. It makes car, home content and structural insurance available to a new generation of consumers around the clock, via your smartphone. 

The app has several features aimed at making insurance relevant to the country’s largely underinsured millennial market, as well as those wanting to save on their insurance, including a built-in feature that digitally scores driving behaviour for the first 300km and 25 trips, and rewards that include a discounted insurance premium of up to 30%, fixed for a year, as well as Uber vouchers for continuously driving well.

By providing vehicle insurance discounts based on the results of a digital driving test, the app also helps customers save money. The app soft-launched recently in both the Google Play and Apple App stores, with an official launch set for next month. Some of the features include quick and easy claims registration and tracking, digital sales and electronic vehicle inspection.

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