SANCO stands resolute on its support for the ANC, and Jacob Zuma

SANCO stands resolute in its support for the ANC. Picture: File

SANCO stands resolute in its support for the ANC. Picture: File

Published Jan 12, 2024


The president of the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) Richard Mkhongo has reiterated SANCO’s allegiance to the ANC.

Mkhongo, who refused to discuss the future of its KZN chairperson, Jacob Zuma, who joined the uMkhonto weSizwe Party, said SANCO would forever remain loyal to the ANC and its policies.

Mkhongo was speaking to Independent Media on the eve of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s sixth January 8 statement set for Mbombela Stadium later on Saturday.

“We remain faithful to the policies and ideals of the ANC. We firmly believe that no other parties has the policies that can match those of the ANC.

“We fully support President Cyril Ramaphosa and we will continue to campaign for the party in the coming elections. We are from yet another campaign on behalf of the ANC,” he said.

Ahead of Ramaphosa’s statement, Mkhongo said it congratulated the ANC on its 112th birthday.

“January 8 is the ANC’s 112th year. We believe that 112th year is the turning point for the ANC. The party must prove itself and ensure that service delivery is done in accordance with its manifesto review. We believe that in spite of the challenges there is light in the tunnel.

“That is the reason why we as SANCO have decided and taken the resolution that come the general elections, we will continue to support the ANC. We will campaign just as we have done today,” he said.

Mkhongo said the issues of service delivery, jobs for South Africans and particularly the youth, were close to SANCO who are the custodians of the masses.

“The issue of service delivery has been a problem. There has been promises before and there is nothing new there. But we have shed some light and understand the challenges we are facing. As SANCO we don’t ignore these challenges. Housing and unemployment remains one of those issues. We want the ANC to push harder to deliver jobs and housing for our people,” he said.

After promising to act against Jacob Zuma for joining and campaigning for the MK Party, Sanco has not acted on its promise to discipline Zuma who is also SANCO KZN chairperson.

His position still remains intact while Zuma continues to campaign for the MK Party with its President refusing to address the Zuma issue and how it affects the civic organisation which has stood firm in its support for the ANC and Ramaphosa's presidency.

As things stand, Sanco still recognises Zuma who is it’s KZN chairperson.

The ANC as well, has also not acted on Zuma, who declared that he won’t be voting for CR’s ANC but for the MK Party.

Last week ANC general secretary Fikile Mbalula said Zuma had expelled himself when he joined the MK Party therefore, there was no need to act against him.

“The ANC didn’t expel Jacob Zuma. He has expelled himself and his interpretation that he is still a member till he dies and is not leaving is his own interpretation. You want to be happy both sides, it doesn’t work like that. We are disappointed but we are not surprised. We didn’t want him to go, we didn’t want him to go in the party we are shocked but not surprised when a former president of the ANC takes such a decision.”

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