Sjava elevates ‘Bhinca’ culture with new range of shoes

Published Jun 22, 2024


Award-winning singer, songwriter and actor, Sjava continues to influence and shape popular culture inside and outside the confines of his artistic field.

As an influential and cultural icon, Sjava has become a fashion influencer to scores of his fans across the country and beyond.

His latest collaboration, with shoe brand Omega proves just how influential Sjava is as a fashion and style icon.

This comes after his recent collaboration with the brand, which sees him take the “Bhinca” culture to the next level with the release of a new range of Omega footwear, a proudly South African shoe brand that has stood firm as a hallmark of quality and style for generations.

"This new range is really about passing on the style. There’s something for each generation,“ the Mama hitmaker said.

Since the start of his music journey, Sjava has been someone who is not shy to embrace fashion including the now-popular “Bhinca“ culture, which for years has been associated with taxi drivers, scathamiya and maskandi artists and others from KZN who take pride in their dress sense.

Thus this collaboration comes as no surprise for the 50-plus year brand known for its iconic sandal shoe range.

I remember how when my mother bought me a pair of Omegas when I was six years old. I was so excited, I could not wait to don my new pair of these branded sandals. But it was not to be as on Christmas day I found that my sandals had been stolen from my mother’s wardrobe.

I was so heartbroken that I cried until a replacement pair was bought more than three months after Christmas, it was never to be the Christmas I had in mind, but the replacement pair brought some much-needed joy and bounce to my step.

However, for the country’s leading singer, this partnership under the banner Omega x Sjava marks the beginning of a new generation for Omega Footwear lovers as it showcases timeless craftsmanship with Sjava’s unique style.

"I feel like my style has always been a blend of different trends, cultures and eras. I'm easily able to style a very traditional or cultural piece of clothing in an urban way. I enjoy fusing elements into my style and, for me, Omega has been a shoe that allows me to be versatile - I can wear it however and it's still hot. It's modern but at the same time represents the real style of yesterday. Its urban and rural. It's just timeless, and I'm excited for more people to discover Omega through this new range,” Sjava quips.

The brand’s head designer, Mlindelwa Ndlovu, recently observed that Sjava, a prominent figure in the music industry, is a genuine fan of Omega products. This sparked a conversation that led to the exciting new partnership.

“In a world filled with influencers and paid partnerships, isn’t it more authentic to work with people who genuinely appreciate and enjoy your product?

“When we realized Sjava’s passion for our footwear, it felt like a natural fit,” he said.

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