Brenda Ngxoli opens up about alleged racism on ‘Sew the Winter to my Skin’ set

“Sew the Winter to My Skin” actress, Brenda Ngxoli. Picture: Instagram

“Sew the Winter to My Skin” actress, Brenda Ngxoli. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 23, 2024


Award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli recently opened up about a racist attack against her that took place on a film set a few years ago.

Ngxoli, who is known for her award-winning performances in shows like “Home Affairs”, “Ses' Top La” and “Rockville”, took to social media to share her story.

She said that while on set, filming the award-winning “Sew the Winter to my Skin”, she was racially abused.

In a separate post, she alleged that the person was actor David James.

The veteran actor is well-known for his roles in soapies like “Isidingo”, “7de Laan”, “Rhythm City”, and “Binnelanders” and the movie, “District 9”.

Ngxoli’s first post detailed how James called her “K***** meit” in front of many people who “gasped in shock”.

“This happened in front of Many People... Mostly white background Thespians who were there for the Court scene. They gasped in Shock. I cried whole day. Ya nothing happened to the Actor.

“My name though has through the years been Tainted and I've kept quiet....No more,” she wrote.

After social media users asked her to reveal a name, she followed up with another post in which she wrote: “‘Hey Jou Kaffir Meit’ he said to me on the Set of Sew the Winter to My Skin. If anything happens to me and my Child.... David James is his Name.”

She added that she was able to divulge information about the incident because she hadn’t signed a contract or the non-disclosure agreement that was forced on her.

“No Production Lawyers were Able to Force me. Even the withholding of my Remuneration did not make me Cave..... Payment was made way way way ..... Months on end LATER .. Without me following it up.”

The actress also tagged “Sew the Winter to My Skin” producer, Layla Swart, of Yellowbone Entertainment.

“Like I said then to you @laylaswart : I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. When I had Struggled that Dec following the Shoot Broke as Hell... It is Today I was Struggling for. David James is his Name.”

Shocked industry peers took to the comments in support of Ngxoli.

Former “Rhythm City” star, Samkelo Ndlovu, said: “Brenda this is terrible to hear, I’m sorry you were subjected to this. I’m also sorry for how it made you feel. Racism cannot go unpunished - @effsouthafrica @julius.malema.sello please assist ❤️.”

Award-winning comedian, writer, producer and actress, Thenjiwe wrote: “I'm so sorry you had to go through that experience. Sending you love 💞💞💞 I hope he will get the punishment he deserves.”

A fellow fan, @andisiwe sandla, said: “Sew my winter into skin is sooo recent for such statements not that it was ever right in anytime. Apologies mama. We salute your bravery and may God continue to protect you and your family! @zintathu and @podcastwithmacg may maybe assist with sharing your story.”

@ren_willemse suggested that Ngxoli bring James to book: “Please open a case of crimen injuria against him. I donʼt believe heʼs above the law.”

∎ Independent Media Lifestyle is trying to get a hold of James for a right of reply. This is a developing story.