Mzansi reacts to book of AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship hitting the shelves next week

A book about AKA and Anele Tembe's love story is set to hit the shelves next week. File image

A book about AKA and Anele Tembe's love story is set to hit the shelves next week. File image

Published Apr 12, 2024


Social media was in a frenzy on Thursday afternoon after author Melinda Ferguson announced that she is releasing a book on AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship.

Taking to Facebook, Ferguson wrote: “I have never worked harder on a book. I have never been more freaked out by a story. I have never kept a secret like I have this one, but the news has just been leaked on social media.

“So here it is from the fire horse's mouth. My new book will hit the shelves next week. It's been a real journey to get this out. It nearly killed my own relationship. It's a story that broke my heart.”

The news went viral leaving Mzansi with mixed feelings.

Many questioned the accuracy of the story while some said they also need the story to be told in the form of a documentary after the book has been released.

One user wrote: “Bravo! Well done Mel! I know how hard you have worked on this book. I love the cover. I have no doubt the contents will be equally gut-wrenching and gripping.

EAn all too human tale about a talented music star destined for greatness and the tragic turns life takes. It has all the makings of a classic tragedy. I wish you every success with this book. May it be the best-seller you so deserve.”

A second user wrote: “I honestly feel such books and documentaries should come out when the court cases are done. Not before or during.”

A third said: “This doesn't seem right in my opinion.”

While a fourth noted: “I’d be very interested to read this.”

The controversial book, “When Love Kills: The tragic tale of AKA and Anele”, delves into the turbulent relationship between Anele Tembe and Kiernan Forbes, bringing to light a narrative of love, toxicity and untimely demise.

According to NBA Publishers, the book also delivers exclusive insights from key players in the tragedy, including Moses Tembe, close associates to AKA, as well as a chapter on Rob Stefanutto, the man who tried to comfort Anele in the last 20 minutes of her life.

“The torrid tale of AKA and Anele is a lot like an ill-fated modern-day Romeo and Juliet,” said Ferguson.

“It's an epic and devastating story with brutal repercussions: two bright and creative young people, both now tragically dead.”

'When Love Kills: The tragic tale of AKA and Anele' is expected to hit bookshelves nationwide next week.