Sir Trill accuses industry heavyweight of keeping him from releasing new music

Sir Trill. Picture: File.

Sir Trill. Picture: File.

Published Jun 21, 2024


There’s always drama unfolding in the entertainment industry. This time, Sir Trill is caught in it.

It all started on Instagram when the Amapiano star teased his followers about the song, “Kwenzakalani”, featuring Heavy-K, Professor, Lee MC Krazy and Essa Kay.

He said that as much as he would love to drop the song for his fans, he could not because there was a “Grootman” (big man) preventing him from doing so.

“The Grootman is making artists pull out of the song. He made two artists pull out of the song. Uyislima bhuti (you’re an idiot, man). What is it that you see that you are so scared of in a boy younger than you? You are scared of who I can become.

“Close the doors all you want. Won’t change the fact that I know the person you are, and I will never respect you or kiss your ass,” he said.

The singer said he’d rather quit music than bow down to the person.

He said the ”Grootman” had made the same song in order to spite him.

South African musician Prince Kaybee said Trill must stop speaking in riddles and confront whoever he was talking about.

“Face another man head-on when you have a problem; going through the corners is a tedious process,” said Kaybee.

However, Trill’s fans said it was good that he hadn’t mentioned names because, if he had, he could be sued.

“I see a lot of people saying he is the one scared of the ‘grootman’. He isn’t. We all know who he is on about, and that grootman also knows they talking about him. He is just avoiding tedious legal action against him,” commented @lit_jefe.

Others said they have an idea who the person might be but wouldn’t openly speak about him.