5 of the hottest autumn nail trends

Latte nails are becoming increasingly popular as they are considered a neutral colour which suits a variety of skin tones. Picture: Instagram.

Latte nails are becoming increasingly popular as they are considered a neutral colour which suits a variety of skin tones. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 3, 2024


Autumn is officially here and while the weather is still warm in many parts of South Africa, cooler conditions are expected over the coming weeks.

And as a new season brings a change in temperatures, it is also an ideal time to update your look.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the hottest autumn nail trends to have you looking trendy, stylish and confident.

Latte nails

This warm caramel beige shade has recently dominated the fashion and style world.

From clothes and shoes, to make-up, hair and accessories the latte hue is currently in-vogue.

It is also an ideal autumn nail colour choice, as it reflects warmth, depth, richness and simplicity and aligns with the hugely popular “clean-girl” and natural beauty aesthetic

Latte nails are also popular as they are considered a neutral colour which suits a variety of skin tones.

And while it can add allure to your outfit, hair and make-up, it is also minimalist enough to complement most looks.

This trend is dressy, without being it being too loud, which makes it ideal for a variety of occasions, including home, work and social gatherings.

Red nails is a bold choice which will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Picture: Instagram.

Red nails

Unlike latte nails, red nails are a bold choice, which is sure to have you standing out from the crowd this autumn.

The red nail revolution has gone viral on social media as it is regarded as a declaration of boldness, confidence and passion.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #rednailtheory which has amassed over 164 million views on TikTok, is also sparking a suggestion that painting your fingertips in this shade could be the key to attracting a partner.

This is substantiated by research which has shown that the colour red is associated with attraction and desire across various cultures, with some studies even demonstrating that women who wear red are more likely to catch a man's eye.

And while red nails are a versatile accessory for any fashion style, you can opt for a range of different hues in the shade this autumn.

From malbec to burgundy and maroon, there is red nail shade to suit any preference.

Two-tone manicures is one of the hottest nail trends. Picture: Instagram.

Two-tone manicure

Add a bit of edge to a sophisticated manicure this autumn with a two-tone manicure.

This nail trend, which is also being referred to as dark French tips, involves adding a colour of your choice to a sheer natural base.

For autumn, warm shades like brown, beige or dark green are ideal and trendy choices as the second manicure colour.

For a playful twist, you can also choose hot pink, burnt orange or even glitter as part of the two-tone manicure trend.

This nail trend has gained popularity as they offer a playful and refreshing take on the traditional style as it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

These variations also allow you to mix things up and add a touch of uniqueness to your manicure, as it deviates from the classic white.

Chrome nails is one of the most popular nail trends. Picture: Instagram.

Chrome nail

As seen on the runway and during Hollywood’s award season, chrome is a major fashion and style trend.

This has now extended to nails and with its warmth and depth, autumn is the perfect time to try chrome nails.

This metallic and futuristic still is a unique and powerful way to add that something extra to your fingertips as temperatures dwindle.

Much of the appeal of this trend is that chrome can come in any colour, making it a versatile option.

It also gives your nails a high-shine and a seamless mirror-look style.

The ease and elegance of short nails makes it a popular choice. Picture: Instagram.

Short nails

This nail trend also aligns with the “clean-girl” beauty aesthetic, a style which is all about embracing authenticity and minimalism.

It also centres around natural beauty, health, going back to basics and echoing quiet luxury.

Short nails are also easier to maintain, compared to long nails and you won't have to worry about breaking a nail.

It also fits into every lifestyle and there is no need for extra protection or products, which is often needed to keep your long nails intact.

But this trend doesn't have to be boring as short nails can still be painted with a shade of your choice.

For that extra pizazz, add some glitter, designs or other features to make your nails stand out this season.