Self-care tips for the Easter weekend

Get yourself some flowers to brighten your day. Picture: Supplied

Get yourself some flowers to brighten your day. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 28, 2024


Treating yourself should not be costly but it’s a very much-needed aspect of self-care.

Self-care helps improve your mental state, how you feel and your overall well-being.

While many people will be out at church, on holiday or spending time with their loved ones, use this weekend to unwind and focus on self-care – here’s how:

Display fresh flowers

Fresh flowers brighten your day and add that warm welcome to your home. Whether it's a few stems from your garden or a full bouquet, don’t deprive yourself of flowers this weekend unless you are allergic to them.

Get yourself some fresh flowers.

Savour your morning coffee

When it’s a workday, you most likely don’t get enough time to indulge in your coffee the way you want to because it’s always a rush.

However, now that it’s the long weekend, you have all the time you need to sip your coffee while catching up on your favourite soapie.

Pull out your satin gown

You know that luxurious gown that you hardly ever wear? Now is the time to rock it. Wear it during your pampering session and make yourself feel like you’re at a professional spa.

Light scented candles

Don’t wait for load shedding to burn those candles. After cleaning your home, light scented candles for a beautiful aroma and warm lighting.

Burn scented candles to create a spa vibe in your home. Picture: Pexels

Spritz the perfume

Perfume is not only for going out. Although you are at home in your gown, wear that perfume you’ve been saving to create a feeling of luxury. Not only will you smell nice, it will also improve your mood.

Source: Gold Series