Sweat, love and weights: Steffi and Clint Brink open up about parenting, their devotion to health and each other

Steffi van Wyk-Brink and baby Arielle. Picture: Instagram

Steffi van Wyk-Brink and baby Arielle. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 26, 2024


Meet Clint and Steffi Brink, the dynamic duo redefining family fitness one squat at a time.

The celebrity couple’s love for the gym is only rivalled by their love for each other and their adorable baby girl, Arielle.

Last April, amid the clinking of dumbbells and the whir of treadmills, Clint and Steffi welcomed little Arielle to the world.

And while some parents might swop their protein shakes for baby bottles, this couple has seamlessly blended their passion for health with their new parenting duties.

"We train with Arielle so that she can see what is important to us," Clint said, while his daughter gurgled in the background.

"This lifestyle we live, it's healing, it's a choice we make every day."

Physical activity may help bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Picture: Instagram

How has parenthood influenced their fitness journeys?

The couple revealed: "When you have to carry an infant in one arm and groceries in the other, you start to appreciate your workout routine in a whole new way. I mean, how do parents who don't live an active lifestyle even manage?"

Steffi added: "It's all about the correct form — mobility and flexibility. Without it, you're looking at a world of back pain and struggle. Parenting is tough, but being fit definitely gives us an edge."

She added: "I've always been driven by goals, by the chase of the next win. But Clint has shown me that the journey itself is worth the sweat. That working on yourself, for yourself, is the real victory."

"Finding someone who gets that, who lives and breathes this lifestyle, it's like finding your perfect gym buddy for life.“

The couple's approach to health and wellness extends beyond the physical.

Clint explained: "It's a broad spectrum, not just gym time and kale smoothies. We're talking about holistic health – what we expose ourselves to, the conversations we have, our mindset.

“As parents, we've got to see the bigger picture. It's not just about us any more."

Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being. Picture: Logan Weaver/Unsplash

"Kids need to see you active, to interact with them," Clint explained. "That's their first lesson in learning by example."

"We sometimes train with our daughter so that she can see what is important to us," Steffi added.

“It'll be normal for her and it’s beautiful because she will not be intimidated.”

The couple believes in embodying a lifestyle that radiates vitality and healing, embracing the notion that the choices we make shape us, literally.

They both added: “She (meaning their daughter) will be an upgrade of us in that capacity.”

With the wisdom of someone who knows the value of time, Clint added: “The older we get, the more we need to think about longevity.

"I've got a decade on Steffi and we see so many young adults facing health issues due to sedentary lifestyles and the pressures of modern life. Money often takes precedence over health and they are dire."

"Our society has it backwards, placing work before the roles of mother and father.“

He continued: "We live in a society that prioritises work over family and that's not normal. Children absorb our energy and it's been said that their brain waves sync with ours. Our stress becomes their stress and that's a heavy burden for little shoulders to bear.

"Becoming a parent has made my health journey even more conscious.

"It's about showing my love for them by staying healthy, staying present and being able to love them fully."

In a world where self-care is often packaged as bubble baths and scented candles, Clint and Steffi are redefining what it means to nurture the body, mind and soul.

As a couple whose love for fitness is as strong as their love for each other, they're proving that the best kind of self-care is the one that's shared, whether it's lifting weights or lifting each other up.

Steffi pointed out: "Our self-care might not fit the typical Instagram mould, but it's real and it's meaningful. We take our dog for a 5km walk, with baby Arielle snug in her carrier. It's a chance to soak up some sunshine, get moving, and bond as a family."

Clint added: "For us, self-care isn't just about pampering; it's about ensuring that our 'machine' – our bodies – stay in top condition. It's a peace of mind that money can't buy."

The former beauty queen revealed: "It's not just about being physically fit; it's about finding healthy outlets for everyday struggles and stress. It's a coping mechanism that helps us handle life's challenges with resilience and grace."

"The best part about working out as a couple is that we see each other's vulnerable sides," Steffi admitted.

"In Muay Thai, when I'm pushing through the tough rounds, Clint can see when I need that extra push. It's a chance for us to grow, to address our weaknesses, and to build trust as a team."

She added: "It's about creating a space where we can grow together, identify our shortcomings and support each other as a unit.“

"It's all about finding rituals that work for our relationship," Clint weighed in. "When Steffi has a client in the morning, we're up at 3.30am, and notice how I say 'we.' It's not about whose career or passions are more important; we're a unit, and, as a married couple, you want your person to feel loved every day."

Steffi shared: "Clint's love language to me is waking up, making me a cup of coffee, and having a peaceful conversation. It's about starting the day grounded and prepared, so it doesn't feel like the day is attacking you."

Navigating their hectic schedules and building a life together, Clint and Steffi make it a point to check in with each other regularly.

"We have activities that we do together, and it might feel a little claustrophobic to others, but for us, it's a source of joy and connection," they admitted.

Clint joked: "If I want to go skydiving, she'll go skydiving with me.“

Steffi responded: "I get Fomo from him experiencing life without me. If I wanted to do things myself, I would've stayed single."

As they share a laugh, it's clear that for this couple, being a unit doesn't mean sacrificing individuality.

"We understand the importance of having time for ourselves, whether it's guy time, gym time or just a moment to unwind," Clint said. "We don't use those times as escape routes; they're about nurturing our own well-being while supporting each other."

Their shared adventures, from conquering the 94.7 together to diving into the exhilarating world of skydiving and amateur boxing, are a testament to their commitment to each other's happiness and growth.

"We invest in each other's spiritual life and share similar values," Steffi added. "We're not perfect but the inspiration we draw from our faith and each other teaches us to be better friends, more tolerant and understanding."