The food delivery orders that are most popular on Valentine’s Day in South Africa

New research has found which food delivery orders are popular on Valentine’s Day in South Africa. Supplied image

New research has found which food delivery orders are popular on Valentine’s Day in South Africa. Supplied image

Published Feb 14, 2024


Chocolates and ice cream have topped the list for Valentine’s Day food delivery orders for 2023, new research has found.

The data from Uber Eats also revealed that South Africans used food delivery services on the most romantic day of the year last year due to its ease of use, speed and low cost.

This research as a whole also discovered that South Africans’ love language is food and that the nation’s culinary landscape is as diverse as its people.

The data also pointed to interesting insights around how South Africans share time with their loved ones, and how they express their love.

“This is particularly true on Valentine's Day, a day made for celebrating love and affection,” Uber Eats explained.

The research also found that while many opt to go out for romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and extravagant parties, many South Africans choose to celebrate the day of love in the comfort of their own homes as a way to make the celebration more private, personal and meaningful.

New research has food which food delivery orders are popular on Valentine’s Day in South Africa. File image

This has also meant that instead of scrambling to make reservations at crowded restaurants or spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that just doesn't turn out the way it was supposed to, some South Africans are enjoying the convenience of having delicious food delivered to their doorstep, at just the click of a button.

“What better way to enjoy the company of a loved one than with a sumptuous meal delivered right where you are,” Uber Eats said.

They added that food is more than just the basic necessity that keeps us alive.

“It's a vibrant tapestry woven into the fabric of South Africa's culture and identity.

“From the aromatic spices of Cape Malay cuisine, to the sizzling braais that permeate the air on weekends, food plays a central role in South Africans’ lives.”

In South Africa, culinary diversity is abundant and food deliveries offer a plethora of options to create memorable food memories to satisfy every palate.

According to data from Uber Eats on the most popular Valentine’s Day orders from last year, South Africans elevated their love of romantic dinners and heartfelt gestures with favourite items such as chocolates and ice cream from well-loved brands.

Meanwhile, decadent cake slices from Uber Eats’ retail and grocery selection were also top of many South Africans; food lists in 2023.

And while food is often the star of the show of an enchanting Valentine’s Day, another vital element to the day is the giving of thoughtful gifts, the research found.

In addition, the Uber Eats data showed that over half of the Valentine’s Day packages sent through the delivery service in 2023 were sent between 10am and 4pm, and that just over a quarter were sent between commute hours (5am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm).

In addition, by choosing to order from local eateries on Valentine’s Day, South Africans can make a positive impact on their communities, while also enjoying delicious food made with love and care.

This is as Uber Eats explained that they provide a platform for small, independent restaurants to reach a wider audience at a time when supporting local businesses has never been more important.