WATCH: Mzansi chocolate lovers give their honest reviews of Dubai’s rare R650 chocolate bar

FIX Dessert Chocolatier’s “Can't Get Khanafed Of It”. Picture: FIX Dessert Chocolatier

FIX Dessert Chocolatier’s “Can't Get Khanafed Of It”. Picture: FIX Dessert Chocolatier

Published Jun 6, 2024


Leave it to a confectionery in Dubai to come up with a treat that leaves the rest of the world drooling.

If you thought Mzansi was over “pricey” food and drinks after Prime Hydration, think again. There’s a new snack obsession in town and it doesn’t come cheap.

Dubai’s FIX Dessert Chocolatier is responsible for making the thick chocolate bars packed with a range of ingredients.

The chocolatier says the bars do not mess around, they sell out fast and you need to be quick to get your order in. They are a luxury chocolate to indulge in and not your average candy bar. The people know their chocolate and their flavours.

The dessert bar has a variety of chocolate bars that are packed with a variety of flavours and textures to create the most delicious dessert bar.

Since launching, the bars have captured the internet’s attention, from the “Donut Be Latte Bar” that hides doughnuts inside to the “Can’t Get Khanafed Of It”, a milk chocolate bar filled with a mix of crispy khanafeh, pistachios and a tahini spread.

Khanafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert known for its rich composition of flavoured cheeses, nut fillings, dried fruits and clotted cream.

Why is it so popular?

A creator on TikTok posted content about the chocolate bars. The post went viral and, not long after, people who travelled to Dubai and those who lived there wanted to get their hands on the dessert bars.

The reviews on social media say they are yummy and have the right amount of chocolate to filling ratio. Also, they are huge, in comparison to regular chocolate bars.

The chocolates’ enticing texture and flavour have made it a popular subject in ASMR videos, where creators capture the satisfying crackle and crunch of the chocolate bar.

The sweet treat has sparked a trend among food enthusiasts eager to recreate its distinctive flavour at home. As a result, it has solidified its status as a significant gastronomic trend on the internet, captivating food lovers worldwide.

If you are wondering how it tastes, here’s what Mzansi’s chocolate lovers had to say about it on TikTok:

Coco said: “It doesn’t even look real, and it smells so good. I don’t even like chocolate like that but I love pistachios.”

Breaking the chocolate in half and taking two bites, she noted: “I wish there was more pistachio flavour. Is it worth the hype? Not really!

“This tastes like KitKat to me. Maybe I’m disappointed because I expected something more of a pistachio flavour. It is really good but it’s not worth R1 000.”

Coco paid R650 for the chocolate and R350 for delivery. She bought the treat at “Just Gorgeous”, a dessert store in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

Also purchasing hers for R650 at Hey Sweetie at Oceans Mall in uMhlanga, Nasreen Khan said the chocolate was “pretty” and “the first bite was satisfying”. She gave it a 10 out of 10 and said “It was worth the hype”.

“Not an explosion of tastes but tastes good. It gets better with each bite,” said Khan.

Aaila said: “It’s good. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price but it’s good.”