WATCH: TikToker goes viral over break up PSA to her friends and loved ones

Gone are the days of simple dating. Picture: Achraf Alan/Pexels

Gone are the days of simple dating. Picture: Achraf Alan/Pexels

Published Apr 24, 2024


In today's digital world, the way we fall in and out of love has leapt beyond just being together in person. Now, our love stories and breakups unfold on the very screens we're glued to, thanks to social media.

Gone are the days of simple dating. Now, we've got all kinds of social media traditions to spell out who's dating whom.

It's not just me, many of us are total romantics at heart, drawn to love stories that cross oceans and cultures. So, when a beloved couple breaks up, it feels like we're all going through the heartache together.

Take Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik, the famous Indo-Pak duo, whose split stunned fans on Instagram.

Breaking up is hard enough but sharing the news with friends, family and even just acquaintances, adds another layer of stress. Yet, some have found creative, even bold, ways to announce their splits online, turning a personal moment into something public.

When high-profile couples decide to call it quits, they face an extra challenge: how to break the news without inviting drama.

Take Diana Martinez, 28, for instance, took the internet by storm with a unique approach. She made a breakup flyer to share with her nearest and dearest, before taking her story to TikTok, turning a tough life moment into a viral sensation.

Picture: TikTok’s viral sensation/Diana Martinez, 28

Attention: We broke up,” reads the graphic, which was shared in a clip with 4.4 million views. “Yes, it was his fault. No, we are never ever getting back together…I require two to three weeks for any further questions. You don’t have to block him. I’m indifferent.”

TikTok fans were rolling on the floor laughing and nodding in agreement when they stumbled upon this new way to announce breakups, courtesy of Martinez.

Let's face it, post-breakup, who's really up for hashing out the messy bits of who messed up or realizing you're just not on the same page?×tamp=1713863559&tt_from=more&u_code=e250il5gla0f9j&ug_btm=b6880%2Cb2878&user_id=7105136449573422107&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=more

And we’ve all been privy to those celebrity split announcements with their fancy talk of "irreconcilable differences" often leaving us wanting more details.

Well, TikTok users were all over Martinez's method, with some going as far as calling it efficient.

One user wrote: “This is the only way I’m communicating my life updates now LOL”

Another wrote: “Thought this was iconic 4 days ago, back now to ask for the template💀”

“I sent a selfie to my girls post crying captioned "this barbie is single" after my 7 year relationship ended,” commented another user.

PSA break up announcement. Picture: Svreenshot/Tiktok

After her breakup became TikTok's latest obsession, Martinez spilled the beans to Newsweek, admitting it was high time to loop in her friends but the thought of dishing out the deets made her want to run for the hills.

"I figured, why not whip up a graphic, sort of a 'here's the scoop' flyer, to spread the word? Think of it as my very own press release," she shared.

"Sure, it was a bit goofy, but hey, it saved me from the pain of going over the breakup saga again and again. Honestly, it was a sanity saver.

She revealed the primary reason for the split was her partner’s refusal to travel outside of the US, which she called a “red flag.”

“So, now, he’s blocked on everything — including Spotify,” she said.

Her flier also asked for privacy, but now she is “healing and thriving” months after the split in November.

“It was all truly for the best. have to give my best friends a huge shoutout because they really took such good care of me during this time. I value my friendships so much. I’m so grateful I have them to remind me that I am loved and deserve a love that mirrors my capacity to love,” she told Newsweek.