WATCH: Tyla shares her eyebrow tutorial and you won’t believe what she’s using

Grammy award winning South African musician Tyla. Picture: Instagram

Grammy award winning South African musician Tyla. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 8, 2024


In one of his hit songs “Caracara”, South African rapper K.O says: “You can take me out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of me”.

And that’s how Tyla is moving.

Currently, the most trending musician worldwide. But even with her Grammy-winning status, Tyla has not yet lost her South African culture, from the slang to the dance moves and beauty tricks, she’s still keeping it real.

In one of her trending videos with Vogue magazine, the “Water” hitmaker did an eyebrow tutorial and guess what, she still uses a razor blade.

Before showing her followers how it’s done, she put a disclaimer: “Do not try this at home”, which was important because of her huge following, she doesn’t want to be responsible for any accidents that may occur since a blade is sharp and can be dangerous.

“So I take the blade, I pull the skin and I literally like, line it up. I have to do my own eyebrows because I’ve had so many horror stories where people tried to do my eyebrows and they made it thin. I don’t like thin eyebrows on me.

“I feel like I look way better with thicker eyebrows,” she said.

@voguemagazine #Tyla does not play about her brows. In the latest episode of #Vogue’s #BeautySecrets the #Water ♬ original sound - Vogue

Her fans were impressed by her authenticity.

“Man, I love her authenticity. The coloured accent on ‘Vogue’. What a moment. There was a time when SAns would have to change their accent to accommodate Americans because ‘Americans couldn’t understand any English accent that wasn’t theirs,’” @Khamokhazi.

Another X user, @OF_747, said: “Her being authentic is one thing that makes people love her. Her authenticity sets her miles apart from other celebs who’ve been to the US.”

Tyla recently dropped her debut album, “Tyla”, which is making waves globally.