WATCH: Canadian entrepreneur and TikTokker shares reason behind SA move and Mzansi reacts

Views of Camps Bay Cape Town. Picture: Unsplash

Views of Camps Bay Cape Town. Picture: Unsplash

Published Mar 22, 2024


Cape Town is the best place in the entire world. Those are the words of digital entrepreneur, Marley Rose Harris, who took to social media platform, TikTok, to share the reasons why she moved to South Africa after travelling full time for five years.

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The digital nomad paid tribute to The Mother City in a recent video, which she caption: “Truly the best place in the WORLD!! I love you Cape Town 🇿🇦”.

According to the Harris, she has travelled to 29 countries around the world but nothing came close to the magic of Cape Town.

“It is truly the most magical place in the whole world. I love it so much and I chose it because this place makes me the most happiest. I feel most at home here and I truly think I was born in the wrong country,” said Harris.

She went on to say that if she is away from Cape Town, she often feels homesick and misses the city and encouraged more people to come.

“Um, if you haven’t been you’re missing out and you must come. And if you’ve been, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” said Harris.

The digital entrepreneur also revealed that out of all the cities in the world, Cape Town beat Bali, Indonesia, to claim the top spot in her heart.

“I thought that my dream home was actually in Bali and in Indonesia. I actually purchased a home there and I made it home and then in June of 2022, I left,” she said.

Unfortunately, Harris’ tribute and invite to fellow travellers wasn’t well received by some social media users.

TikTok user @stephaniekristen_ said: “Please stop telling people - respectfully Cape Town is way too full.”

Another user, @wase_mzanzi, said: “Glad you love being in South Africa but do you realize what it's doing for South Africans, the more of you come to stay? Gentrification and classism.”

@yusraa_h said: “So what happens? Do all these foreigners just live here and use the infrastructure without paying taxes?? How does the government track who is here and for how long?”

And @zeusfeni said: “The cost of living skyrocketing for locals because the “digital nomads”. And it won’t change. They’ve done it in Bali, Thailand, the list goes on. We just causalities of economic war at this point.“